Saturday, May 31, 2008

Road Trip...Road Trip...To Miami Florida!

So we started in Portland and flew to St.Louis. We played in St.Louis for a day and a half. (look at the last post). Then from St.Louis we headed to Miami. And We DID IT, Yup that's right! We Road tripped it to Miami Florida! In ONE DAY...19.5 Hours, 6 States, 5 gas stops a couple bathroom breaks and we did it! Good times were had - we all took good long naps, pictures were taken, we read magazines, took turns driving, sang songs, and had great conversation! There was never a dull moment!
Portland to St.Louis ... St.Louis to Miami

It all started in Missouri...Valerie and I took lots of Pictures!
The guys slept!
From Missouri we drove into Illinois...
to... Get'in Lucky in Kentucky!

Tennessee was so green and beautiful!
Georgia has billboards for Peaches and Pecan's like every 20 feet!
We were pretty excited to get to Florida it was about 6 or so hours from the top of the state all the way down to Miami!Amazingly the car ride was fabulous and time just flew on by! Each State was really pretty - it was fun to see new states we've never seen before. It was awesome to finally get to Miami because the best was yet to come! STAY TUNE FOR MORE..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Trip to St.Louis

As many of you know, we LOVE to travel! We've been very lucky to travel all over, and we jump at any chance we get to travel somewhere new. Our latest trip took us to many places, but we started our fabulous trip in St.Louis Missouri!

Meet our friends -Valerie and David Miyasaki! Valerie and Jen met in an advertising class at BYU-Idaho, and on top of it Valerie and David lived in the same apartment complex as us. We all became friends quickly! Valerie and David graduated from BYU-Idaho last April and moved to St.Louis Missouri where David goes to Chiropractic School. Even though we have gone different ways, we have still continued to stay close friends, so when we all decided it would be fun to go on a cruise together we didn't think twice, we started planning an exciting trip together! So that's what took us to St. Louis!

Fitz's Restaurant

They make there own Soda Pop!

Our first night in St.Louis, Valerie and David took us downtown to a Restaurant called Fitz's. Fitz's was yummy and on top of the good food, they also have some amazing soda! They actually make there own soda - there speciality is Root beer and it was sure tasty!

St. Louis Arch
The next day of our trip we went to the St. Louis Arch. There is an Observation Area at the Top of the Arch, but in order to get to the top, you have ride in this little cart thing - and it's tiny! It supposedly fits 5 people - Tyson wanted to try it out before we attempted the ride. We decided to wait, perhaps on our next trip to St. Louis we will ride to the top of the Arch.The Arch is Amazing!

Downtown St. Louis
We had a great time in St. Louis! We ate lots of good food (of course), played some Wii, hung out and relaxed, explored downtown and had the best time hanging out with Valerie and David! We will definitely come back again to play! Our next adventure was leaving for our Cruise! We were all so excited!!!

This Adventure is TO BE CONTINUED....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

And The Winner Is...

After applying to 7 University PH.D Statistic programs and being accepted into 6, Tyson narrowed schools down to University of California Santa Barbara and The Ohio State University. We went and visited both schools. We enjoyed Santa Barbara and UCSB campus was beautiful, it's right on the beach! Ohio States campus is steeped in tradition and beautiful in its own way, it was obviously nothing like USCB, it was cold and there was still snow on the ground. Visiting both schools was a great experience for Tyson and he loved both schools. It took him a few days after visiting the schools to decide which school would be his best fit, but he did make his decision. So for those of you who don't know Tyson will be starting grad school at The OHIO STATE University, working towards a PH.D in Statistics. We couldn't be more happy,excited and blessed!
!Congratulations TYSON! GO BUCKEYES!

We are also looking forward to sitting in Ohio States Stadium cheering on Our Ohio State Buckeyes! The Buckeyes football stadium is one of the most recognizable stadiums in college sports.

A little geography lesson

The City of Columbus

The Statistics Building 'Cockins Hall' on Campus, This is where Tyson will spend lots of his time!

Hooray for Tyson - he is Amazing! Ohio is going to be Fabulous! We look forward to moving to Columbus at the end of August!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

* Our Update: Tyson and Jen in the Now...

Hello to our Wonderful Family and Friends!

We are finally starting a Blog! We hope everyone will enjoy visiting our Blog, viewing fun pictures and reading about our adventures!

Our Update...

Jen graduated last April with a BA degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. Tyson graduated in December with a BS in Applied Mathematics. We hibernated in our Rexburg Idaho apartment and at Tyson's sister Mandy's house during the month of January due to all the SNOW, all while trying to decide where we should go and what we should do. We headed up to Portland at the very end of January for just a week and a week turned into 2 weeks, and then into a month and well, we are staying in Portland. So here we are in Portland Oregon. Tyson got a job working at Intel. He works in the Events and Engineering group working on the Intel VPro demo kits and doing occasional statistic projects. He loves his job and feels really grateful to have such an awesome job! Jen is doing part-time freelance graphic design work and babysitting her nephew during the week. She is so happy playing with her 5 month old nephew, everyday is something new and exciting! In between working, we've kept busy on the weekends playing around Portland. We've also been running getting ready to run a 5k in a few weeks and then a 10k in June. And, of course we have done a little traveling which has been so much fun!

Life is Great! We are really happy and excited to stay the summer in Portland and have some fun adventures here before we head off to grad school!

Enjoy our Blog!!!