Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Friday, October 30, 2009


5 months

My little Big Boy is 5 Months old!

At 5 Month Brody

*still cuddles with mom every morning
*laughs and squeals
*smiles at everyone
*active as ever
*is a wiggle worm
*rolls all around
*loves looking at himself in the mirror
*tries to army crawl - but he's really good at crawling 'backwards'
*eating rice cereal
*grabs at everything in site
* discovering his world

Oh, baby bear! Have I told you lately that I love you? yes, I have. and I will keep telling you over and over again! xoxo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Party

Last Friday night we went to our friends "Annual Halloween Bash" and we had a great time! We ate some yummy food and got to hang out with good friends. We came up with our costumes very last minute but I think they turned out to be quite fun!

we went as...

Jelly Bellys...Bellies? Whatev.

halloween 4

Everything was super easy to put together but the the logo took a little more time than planned. So two hours before the party, I was just going to print the logo out big and cut it out - but as luck would have it our printer ran out of colored ink. So what's a girl to do? Of course, make them myself. Duh! I pulled out my trusty exacto knife and black sharpie and found some red and yellow paper and made all three logos. I guess all those HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of Typography classes I took paid off. haha. I was pretty proud of myself for whooping these bad boys together in the short amount of time I had. I think everything turned out great!

halloween 3

Brody had a great time at the party - and he really liked his costume a lot - he especially liked eating it.

It was really fun to dress up and also to check out everyone else's costumes - here we are with some of our friends...

halloween 1

halloween 2

our friends elmo and the joker and of course a "girly man" a doctor and Logan as himself...actually he was a super cute giraffe, but he is still super cute none the less.

I wish we would have taken more pictures - but we were too busy chatting!

Yay for friends who throw Halloween parties!


The End.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Sweets and Treats...

halloween fun

I LOVE Halloween! And I love that it's centered around 'sweets and treats'! And, since I love sweets and treats so much, Here is a round up (with recipe/instruction links) of some of my favorite fun and creative Halloween ideas for sweets and treats I've seen this season. They are all super fun and easy.
I think I'll start with the oreo truffles... :)

1.Frosted pumpkin cupcakes from
2.halloween whoopie pies from Martha Stewart
3.Witch Hat cookies from Betty Crocker
4.Orange Jack'o Lanterns with orange sorbet from Martha Stewart
5.crawly cakes from Not Martha
6.chocolate mummy cookies from Betty Crocker
7.pumpkin favor pouches from Martha Stewart
8.wicked witch cupcakes from Martha Stewart
9.witches broom favor from Martha Stewart
10.candy corn cupcakes from Your home based mom
11.spiders, spiders, spiders from Bakerella
12.candy corn shaped rice krispie from Your home based mom
13.pumpkin cake pops from Recipe girl
14.halloween oreo truffles from Tasty Triffles halloween food from Our Best Bites
16.halloween caramel apples from Country Living

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cozy Up to Fall...


I would love this cottage as my 'fall house' - it would be a lovely place. I would have the most wonderful dinner parties and invite all my wonderful friends from Ohio {of course} and then because I'd be rich enough, I would fly in all my wonderful friends that live all around the U.S. to join us. And of course family parities would be in order as well. we would fly all of our families in to have splendid weekends, sitting by a warm fire, eating delicious food and telling lots of good stories.
one can wish right? maybe someday.

fall 4

fall 2

Fall is so here in Columbus and dare I say that Columbus is BEAUTIFUL in the fall. Hello! Yahoo! News said that Ohio was put in the top 20 places to see the foliage. I must agree. And dare I say that Columbus now officially beats out Portland Oregon on the beautiful scale. I know that's huge. But seriously, so true! I wish I could box up how gorgeous everything is and send it to everyone, just so you could see how wonderful it really is! I am sad to say that my pictures don't even begin to show how amazing the colors are here. My pictures were taken about a week ago - and since then the colors have become even more vibrant, it's crazy beautiful !

fall 3

fall 1

obsessed much? maybe. but we just can't get enough of these beautiful colors. seriously we are ooohhh and awwweeing on a daily basis on how gorgeous the colors keep getting. Don't you just love it? it will be seriously so sad when the last of the leaves start to fall...the snow will be here soon - and hibernation will take place.

fall 6

fall 5

I keep having to tell myself...come what may and love it!
Until then...I hope you are enjoying fall as much as we are.

Friday, October 23, 2009

good times lately...


Brody is digg'in his jumperoo these days. he is a happy boy when he jumps.

tyson and school

Fall Quarter started for Tyson and he is now in his 2nd year of Graduate School. He just took a huge test to determine wether or not he can continue on in his program for his PhD - and of course he PASSED! We are so proud of him - he truly is gifted and incredilby smart! Great job bubs! We love you so much!

pluto and pooh
grandma and grandpa nicholes went to Disneyland for a weekend and sent Brody a very fun 'Disney' package. he love'd it and he LOVES the 'very soft' Pluto they sent him. he loves all things soft. He got even luckier when they sent him a special 'Halloween' package with Pooh dressed like Tigger. He thinks it's so great.
Thanks grandma and grandpa bear.

beary sleepy

with out fail...a walk with a cat nap = perfect!

the brody burrito

our little 'Brody Burrito' as Tyson likes to call him. he loves to be all snuggled.


we took a trip a little over a month ago (I can't believe it's already been that long) to St.Louis to see some of our most favorite people ever - Val and David. We had a great time with them - and my friend Becca and I were able to throw Val a baby shower! Baby Miyasaki will be here in hopefully 28 days! We can't wait to meet her!


YUM! we started Brody on some rice cereal 2 weeks ago - and he thinks it's the bomb. these pictures are of him trying it for the first time. he's one good eater.

sunday walk

our family walk. we love our walks. and i LOVE our little family photo - Brody pretty much says it all.

play time

i love these shots. i love his precious face. i love him.

wheres brody

we like to play...where's Brody???

silly bear

such a goof. we love his laugh. he is the most happy boy ever!

brody and brody
a couple of weeks ago we went to Kentucky to visit our friends - Kally, Kris and Brody Barnett. Of course we took lots of pictures of the 'Brodys'. these two are great together!


so Brody really likes to be on his belly. but lately he keeps trying to crawl...he really tries so hard, and this is one of his many great attempts.

nap time

the Brody Bear loves his naps. and i love that he ALWAYS wakes up this happy.

lunch in the park

a lovely afternoon at the park...winter is just around the corner, we need to soak up all the nice weather while we can.

the curl

'the curl'.

two is better than one

brody wants you to know that 'two is better than one'.

sitting up and mt.dew

i love how content he is. he loves sitting up. and lately this mt.dew bottle is one of his favorite toys? i dunno. whatever makes him happy.

we shared a Popsicle with him and he loved it.
and maybe we've shared one with him a couple more times. :)

date night

we had a date night the other night and it was so fun. we went out to eat and then we went to one of our favorite places 'barnes and noble'.

Fall is in the air...and the holidays are just around the corner. i have a feeling that it's going to be insanely fun with a baby around to celebrate with. :)


Happy Fall!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

pumpkin adventure

pumpkin family

pumpkin 4

pumpkin 2

pumpkin 6

pumpkin 1

pumpkin 5

pumpkin 7

pumpkin the end

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's So True...

big deal 2

Friday, October 9, 2009

yesterday was...