Wednesday, September 29, 2010

take me out to the ball game...

so a few months ago (yes, i am still playing summer catch up) we went to a Columbus Clippers baseball game with our good friends, Jamie, Trent and Lucy. not that we even took a group shot. lame. but we had a good time watching the game and chatting. it was a beautiful warm night. brody loved the game, the music and cheering along with everyone. pretty sure brody was stink'in cute in his baseball outfit. love him! we were totally losing the game, so by the 8th inning we were all ready to go. thanks J,T,and L for going to the game with us.








The End.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Labor Day...

for labor day weekend, we were super lucky to have tyson's brother brandon come and spend the weekend with us! we had so much fun having him here and we are so happy he came out to Columbus to visit us! Thanks Brandon!

a few highlights from Brandon's visit...

tyson giving a campus tour and a visit to the horseshoe (no pictures, because i wasn't with them to take pictures)
eating some super yummy food
eating LOTS of Jeni's ice cream...4 times to be exact!
sitting around chatting and the boys watching movies
going to COSI
going to our favorite park... Goodale Park
went to see our Chicken in the Short North (this will someday have it's own post)
went to the water front and saw the Santa Maria
went to the Topiary Garden's downtown
and of course a visit to see Brutus!

(at cosi)

jenis 1
(jeni's ice cream)

b and ice cream
(brody enjoying jeni's too!)

utopiaries 2
(Topiary Garden's)


utopiaires 3

santa maria
(the santa maria)

(view of downtown columbus)

brody and brandon
(brandon and brody checking out the water)

(with brutus)

(the chicken)

jenis again
(we stopped at jeni's on our way to the airport)

group shot
(our not so awesome group shot, before brandon left. we all look so tired, yeah tired from having so much fun ;) )

the end

Friday, September 17, 2010


Yesterday... we ventured once again outside of Columbus and drove out to Granville Apple Orchards. this was definitely our kick-off to welcoming Fall! the weather was beautiful and it was such a fun experience! once we started picking we just couldn't stop and we now have lots and lots of apples!

apple 1
(pick your own apples!)

apple 13
(apple trees...there were miles and miles of apple trees...80 acres!)

apples 17
(best part about the trees...they were perfect height for brody to pick apples too!)

apple 14

apple 8

apple 12
(cute little apple picker)

apple 5

apple 9

apple 4
(in the midst of clapping...picking apples is fun stuff)

apples 2

apple 10

apple 6

apple 20
(brody did awesome picking's a picking play by play...)

apple 19
(reach up high...)

apple 18
(got it!)

apple 21
(bag it!)

apple 11
(with our friends we met up with at the Orchards)

apple 15
(my two loves with a BIG bushel of apples...don't worry we have a whole bag of red apples too, just as big as the green bag of apples... can you pie, apple crisp, carmel apple, apple bread, apple sauce, eating apples...)

apple 7
(welcome Fall...we are so happy for your arrival!)

apple 3

The End.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a day at the farm...

last wednesday we took a drive outside of Columbus to go and visit Slate Run Historical Farm. it was a beauitful day and we had the best time. brody just soaked everything in and was so happy and in love with the farm.

farm 1
(the beautiful path that led us to the farm)

farm 2
(cutest boy on the him.)

farm 3
(the big red had horses and cows, hay bails, and fun farm equipment)

farm 5

farm 7
(a moo moo)

farm 14
(roosters...brody loved the roosters...along with all the other animals)

farm 22

farm 6
(beautiful view of the barns)

farm 8
(brody chasing the geese)

farm 4
(having fun on the farm)

farm 16
(pretty farm house...we got to go in and look all around - it was so was built in the 1880's)

farm 9
(brody and the papa bear on the big swing outside the farm house)

farm 10
(the garden area)

farm 11

farm 12

farm 13

farm 20

farm 15
(brody checking out the chickens and roosters)

farm 17
(a first sight of fall...pumpkins!)

farm 18
(brody found that feather he's holding on the ground and carried it everywhere the rest of the time and perhaps kissed it and rubbed it around his face.)

farm 19
(farmer brody)

farm 21
(family fun)

farm 23
(the beauitful path that led us back to the car)

The End.