Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Weekend...

we had a really great easter weekend! we started our saturday morning by taking brody to the park for an easter egg hunt. pretty sure he loved it. we did a practice easter egg hunt on wednesday to prep him for the big day and he totally caught on and thought it was great. so when saturday's egg hunt came, he was ready! he picked up about 20 eggs and after that he was ready to jet off and play. but it was fun while it lasted for the entire 30 seconds. :) and an easter egg hunt isnt complete without a creepy easter bunny.

this is our best attempt at a family photo on timer. classic.





sunday morning the easter bunny had come and left brody a pretty sweet easter basket full of all sorts of goodies. but his favorite thing by far was his truck.



brody in his new easter outfit...pretty sure he is the most adorable little guy EVER!
can you tell he is thrilled to have his picture taken? ;) all he wanted was his truck back that we took from him to take the photo!



before church we headed over to our good friends the tolmans house for breakfast. and of course we had to take a couple of pictures...

without a doubt kelli and neal are brody's two favorite friends. he LOVES them so much!!



we had a great time at church and afterwards we had a really yummy easter dinner with some wonderful friends!



it was a wonderful day filled with uplifting messages and sharing our day with people we love.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu of the week

foodie 8

this is what we are eating for dinner this week...

grilled chicken with spanich
strawberry salad - we will just take chicken breast and grill them on the BBQ'er. and add the side salad and it will be delish! we will also have some baked beans.

minestrone soup - it's been super rainy around here, so soup just seems like the right thing to eat when it's so wet outside. we will just have some yummy rolls with our soup.

ham and cheese sliders - these are oh so yummy! i've shared these before and i promise you, you will like them too! the recipe does call for a 1/3 cup of miracle whip, i just use Mayo. it's just to spread on the inside of the roll. so really you can do what you want. i just like mayo, so that's what we do. we will have pasta salad and fresh cantalope and stawberrys. yummy!

ginger peanut chicken lettuce wraps - this recipe is for salads, but i've tweaked it and make it into lettuce wraps. i don't add anything with this meal. it's quite filling.

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happy cooking and happy eating!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


He Lives!

Monday, April 18, 2011

flying kites...

go fly a kite






the end.

cleaning and cookies...


so pretty much brody is obsessed with the vacuum. OBSESSED! but i'm not going to lie he's actually really good! he gets a little upset when i have to take my turn to vacuum, but once he settles down he just watches and smiles.


the other night we made some cookies and brody was my happy taste tester! when did my baby decide to get so big. sob! but he sure is one cute 22 month old. love love love him!

menu of the week

foodie 7

this is what we are eating for dinner this week!

southwest salad - we will be having this yummy salad! and you know i will use a rotisserie chicken. it's really really good and the dressing is delicious.

Hamburgers - it's lovely spring weather, so we are going to start grilling as much as possible. so BBQ'ed hamburgers we like to add some BBQ Sauce (sweet baby rays sauce) and cheese to melt top right before taking them off the grill. we will have
herbed potato salad grilled asparagas and rasberries and strawberries with whip cream.

Lasagna Roll Ups - if you don't want to use fresh herbs when making this, no worries. just add like one heaping tablespoon of dry italian seasoning. works perfect! we will have garlic bread and green salad.

Thai Roast Beef Wrap - this is a nice light meal. and you don't even have to use Roast Beef. shocking i know, but we will use rotisserie chicken. ha. but it's so good with chicken. but really you could use whatever you'd like! along side we will have sweet potato fries (from trader joes).

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happy happy cooking!

Monday, April 11, 2011

menu of the week...

foodie 6

this is what we are eating for dinner this week...

french toast - we love breakfast for dinner! we will have turkey bacon and fresh fruit. yum!

creamy baked chicken taquitos - these have been a buzz all over the food blog w orld. and i've heard they are super yummy! so i am giving them a try. we will have a side of corn and chips and salsa. ole'!

french dip sandwhiches - do you feel a "french theme" going on this week? ha. yummy french dip sandwhiches. 1. i love my crock pot and 2.this is a no fail super delish meal. we will have side green salads and strawberries with whip cream.

Turkey Cheese Hot Dogs - don't go eww gross. because you wouldnt even know that JohnsonVille Turkey Cheese Hot Dogs, weren't real hot dogs. they are GOOD. no they are AMAZING. and we will grill them on the BBQ'er, and have chips, baked beans and corn on the cob and it's going to be the bomb!

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have a happy week and happy cooking!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

take me to the movies...

tonight we took the brody bear to the movies! his very first movie ever!

we went and saw...


yup Disney's Tangled. and it was such a great movie. so cute. and brody loved it! he did an amazing job and really enjoyed it the entire time.


we took in brody's car seat into the theater so he could sit up high and be more comfortable. he had his drink and some popcorn and one of brody's favorite treats is red vines and he thoroughly enjoyed himself some red vines during the movie as well.



yay for going to the movies. this was definitely a fantastic family outting!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

pretty random: fun with friends, a first and a couple random pictures...

we've been busy around here having's about time for a new post, right?

we gave brody his first ice cream cone last week. he thought it was pretty awesome!

1st cone
we've been having some really good times with friends. we hit up the firehouse museum with our friends the Leavitt's. i only snapped a couple pictures. there is a bell that is really fun to ring and brody loved it.
it snowed last week. barf! but good news, the sun has been shinning and flowers are blooming! i hope winter is OVER.
we were on campus the other day and one of the buildings on campus was celebrating it's 1 year anniversary. so we ate some cake and brody got a crown.
a few weekends ago i took a little day trip down to Cinncinati with some great friends to go to IKEA. i love friends who will go along with my ideas. ideas as in taking random pictures. you don't have to, but i think we are funny!
and most we enjoyed some beautiful weather and went to the zoo with friends! it's so much fun going to the zoo! brody loves the animals and i love how excited he gets. the polar bears were a big hit and he loves the fish where the big brown bears are located.
and lastly while at the zoo, a trip is never complete until you take a ride on the carousel. good times were had. brody with his friend riker. these two are buddies! well they were until riker put his finger in brody's mouth and brody totally bit rikers finger. lovely.

a couple other note worthy happenings... brody started up 'tiny tumblers' (aka gymnastics) again.

brody had been really grumpy so i took him to the doctor and he had a double ear infection. sad! but he never gets sick and alway sleeps great, so it was hard to know that was the problem. but he got medicane is soo much better. yay!

brody turned 22 months and it be the best kid ever! he's so hilarious. super active. a chatter bug and just a big ball of love! love him. like A LOT.

tyson took his 2nd qualifier for his PhD and is very happy it's over. we all are. :)

tyson started up his spring quarter. can you believe we are finishing up our 3rd year of grad school! crazy how time flys. 3 years down, 2 to go! yippee!

the end.

Monday, April 4, 2011

menu of the week...

foodie 5

this is what we are eating for dinner this week!

Amy's Sloppy Joes - tyson's sisters are seriously AMAZING cooks! AMAZING! one of tyson's sisters Amy, happens to make killer sloppy joes. i've always liked my mom's sloppy joe's, but i dunno Amy's are SO GOOD! I think it's the can of pork'n'beans. nonetheless they are!

so what you will need is:
1 lb browned ground beef
small/medium chopped onion
1 sloppy joe seasoing packet
7 oz can diced green chilis
1 can v8 OR 1 can tomatoe soup ( i use the soup)
2 cans pork n beans drained

Brown your meat with the onion (drain oil from the meat) then add the seasoning packet and can of v8 or tomatoe soup. Combine meat mixture and other ingredients in a pan or crock pot and let cook as long as you like! we will have the sloppy joe's on hamburger buns and add cheese. we will also have corn on the cob and chips.

black bean spinach enchiladas - don't think these aren't good because they are meatless. they are actually REALLY good! And if you really wanted too, you could totally add chicken to them. it's like a bean and cheese burrito kicked up a notch. it's nice, simple and quick! I like to use colby jack cheese instead of the pepper jack, but obviously you can do whatever pleases you! and of course i will serve this corn souffle. it really is super yummy!!! we will also have a side green salad.

sesame peanut noodles - this is a new recipe for me that we are going to try this week. it looks easy and really yummy. a few things i changge, is use whole wheat spaghetti noodles and i'm going to also just add in my own veggies that sound good, like sugar snap peas and some asaparagus. i will also pick up some egg rolls from our favorite asian restaurant. yummy! i'll let you know how this recipe goes!

teriyaki chicken - this is a really yummy dish. i personally leave the fish sauce out of this dish. i will serve it up with brown rice and fresh fruit.

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Happy Happy Cooking!!