Wednesday, April 21, 2010


and no...not the disney movie Cars.

Brody loves his indoor car...


car 6

he loves loves loves it. i will push him all around the house in it, he waves to his stuff animals and jibber jabbers, we spend lots of time doing this, and it's quite the site to see and he is just hilarious.

well, one day we were at Target and we saw a 'fire truck' car, and i told tyson we had to get it for brody for outside. so we bought it and of course brody loves it! not only does he get to be outside, but he gets to be pulled around on his fire truck. we have the best time. we walk around the neighborhood pulling him all around, and we pull him to the park. it's awesome. he just hangs on and we pull him along. he loves to just look around, point at things, wave to animals and neighbors. he is so dang cute! i love him.

car 3

car 2

car 1

car 5

and let's not forget...Brody is #1...we definitely hit the jack pot on this cutie!
he is the best!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue...

and ended up in Columbus, Ohio? lame. okay well not really. but a replica of Columbus's Santa Maria just happens to be down on the water front here in good ol' downtown Columbus Ohio. So we decided on the only day it did not rain durning Tyson's spring break (which was like a month ago) to take the whole 5 minute drive down to the water front and check out the Santa Maria.
i know right, just call us wild and crazy.

here are a few pictures from our little outting...

there she be...shall we all 'oohh' and 'awwww'? pretty sure I can't believe that Columbus sailed in such a tiny little ship.



and of course we took some cute pictures of the little bear...



and to top things off, there just so happened to be random animal statues next to where we parked our car, so why wouldn't we take pictures with the statutes? you ask how we get so lucky with stuff like this?
well, we just happend to luck out on fun my friends. ha.







brody loved it. we loved it. and of course we went and ate food after this adventure. so i'd equal our outting to be a success! and who knows, maybe this summer we will get super crazy and actually pay, yes i said pay...$5 or it might be even more, i dunno, anywhos... to ride the Santa Maria and take a tour. i know this makes everyone want to come and visit us, huh?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010







115 (1)





brody the bunny

our little guy's first easter was one to remember. it was a beautiful day filled with uplifting messages and family love.