Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Answers to my Top 5 Questions I get asked a LOT...

I meant to add this to my 35 Week post but forgot...so here we go...

Answers to my Top 5 Prego Questions...
 I get asked a LOT...

*How do you really feel? I really feel great...tired...but great. But then again I've been tried my entire pregnancy.  I love sleep and I could sleep day and night. I take naps and I sleep great at night - I do have a lot of friends who are prego or who have been prego and said they never slept very good after like 32 weeks. Well, I sleep like a baby. No pun intended. ha. Baby Bear does kick while I am sleeping, but if I just rub my belly for a bit he settles down and we both sleep. It's great! I do get heartburn pretty much daily, especially lately, but TUMS are my friend and do the trick. 3 hours of church is getting a little tough - my bum and lower back get really uncomfortable, but not to many more times of that, so it's all good. So yeah, I am feeling good!

*How's Baby Bear? Baby Bear is Amazing! He just keeps getting stronger, and I think that he still thinks that he can escape from my ribs. No chance buddy! He is measuring right on and is still head down - but I have a feeling he's gonna be a big bear. I can't wait to snuggle him! He's been getting the hiccups lately and I think it feels fun. He definitely has his own personality already - sometimes he will be moving around like crazy so I'll tell Tyson to come and feel him and right when Tyson puts his hand on my belly, Baby Bear just stops. We wait and wait and he won't budge. But then right after Tyson takes his hand off, oh yeah he totally starts moving again. Perhaps Tyson's hand is soothing. haha. 

*Are you scared/nervous? Nope! Not one bit! Honestly! When we say that to people, it's like they don't believe us. Why is it so hard to believe? Usually we get told well, "your never really ready". What's that suppose to mean??? Perhaps "they" weren't really ready. Don't even get me started! I'm 28, we've been married for almost 5 years and we have had the greatest time together and we've had so many amazing adventures together. We just knew now was the time for us, and we've been truly blessed. We are so excited and ready to add our little guy into our family and have even more amazing adventures together. We couldn't be more happy to be parents and we are so thrilled about this new stage in life it's so exciting for both of us! 

*Do you have a name picked? I've come up with like 10 names and Tyson has come up with like oh...zero. Oh wait, hold the phone - he came across a name which he likes to tease about and that name would be "Tichicus". We've been ready in the New Testament and we read about a guy named "Tichicus" and Tyson was like "Tichicus Reese" sounds awesome. No, no it doesn't. ha. We will name our child Bear before we name him Tichicus. No worries, neither of those names will be used. We are getting names narrowed down...we thought we might know and now we are tossing a few back and forth. So when we know...we will let You know, but for now we will all have to be surprised! 

*Do you crave anything? I don't think that I've really "craved" anything. At least there's never been anything that I just had to have. Food hasn't been the greatest ever since being prego. But lately if I had the option I would probably eat Funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting and Cherry Hostess pies. I don't, well not on a daily basis. Oh and strawberries or Mott's apple juice sound quite tasty too. So I guess call it cravings if you want - but to me it's more of what just sounds good. So nothing too crazy. I was reading in a magazine the other day about cravings women have had while being prego, and one lady said she craved Tarter Sauce and would eat it like pudding. How sick is that? Another lady just wanted to eat Betty Crocker cake mix, but just powder mix, she said she would just sit and eat spoonfuls of the powder. Um gross! *Question To all you PREGO or to those that were at one time PREGO friends out there...what did you crave???

So that's my update on questions! That was pretty good right? If you want to know more...just ask. 

35 Weeks...

Hey - Hey! Here I am at 35 weeks and counting down! Everything is still going great and I still feel wonderful. Last Wednesday we did a tour of the Maternity ward at OSU's Hospital where baby bear will be born. It was a great tour and it made us even more excited. I didn't know that was possible - but after seeing the super CUTE newborns in the nursery awe, my heart melted. I wanted to go into labor right then and there. haha. Okay, I can hold out a few more weeks. But yes the tour was really good - I thought it might scare me a little - just because it was the hospital and hospitals make me feel icky - but I had no icky feelings at all. Yea! We are 

 Here are pictures Tyson took of me a few hours ago...
so here I am TODAY AT 35 WEEKS! YEA!

And last but not least...Tyson at 35 WEEKS! Doesn't he look great! ha. 
He wanted to be apart of this too

A visit from Flat Stanley

Have you heard about Flat Stanley? We hadn't until he came to visit us. My friend Joy is an elementary school teacher and her class read this book about a boy named Stanley, he got smashed by a bulletin board so he became Flat Stanley and his family put him in an envelope and mailed him off to California.  Um, I think that's how it goes, it's something like that.  

Well all of Joy's students got to color a Flat Stanley and mail him off to somewhere in the U.S. and adventure a new place. So we got lucky and got a Flat Stanley sent to us. Our assignment was the take Flat Stanley around Columbus and take pictures of his adventures of being in a new place, seeing and learning new things and then we had to write a little letter talking about the pictures taken and what Stanley did while on his trip to Columbus, Ohio and then mail him back to where he was sent from. 

So I figured I'd share a few of the pictures we took of Flat Stanley while he was here in Columbus.

The Dagwood Challenge...

(Tyson with his statistics peeps)

A while back we were watching a show on the Travel Channel called "Man VS. Food" - the host Adam Richman was in Columbus Ohio - showing some of the best places to eat in Columbus. Adam went to a place called the OHIO DELI where he tackled the "Dagwood". After watching that show, we knew we had to make our way to the OHIO DELI.

So, Last Saturday we did just that and ventured to the OHIO DELI and met up with some of Tyson's classmates who wanted to share in this experience.  The OHIO DELI is Home of the "Dagwood Challenge". And that's exactly why Tyson and one of his buddies were there. 
They wanted to try and conquer the "Dagwood". 

Tyson and his buddy John Bradley excited to each eat there own Dagwood

What's the "Dagwood Challenge"? ...

The Dagwood -That's right - 1 pickle, 1 pound of fries, and a 2.5 pound meat sandwich with all the toppings lettuce, tomato, onion and a garlic mayo. Sounds good right? But there's a catch - you have to be able to eat EVERYTHING in 30 minutes or less. And if you DO eat everything in that time frame, you get your picture taken and t-shirt. Time to beat was 4 minutes and 44 seconds! Pretty sure that wasn't going to happen. But everyone was excited for this challenge to start! woot woot! Tyson was very excited! 

Yummy! Starting off good and happy - Tyson said it tasted really good too - only took about 12 minutes to eat the first half and some fries and a few bites of pickle...EASY...

Or maybe not so easy...going at the second half of the Dagwood 
and it's not as good anymore...
there was only like 15 minutes to go....and he kept going...but time was FLYING on by...
Oh...someone has a tummy ache...

times up! 

Well it ended up being a lot harder than it looked. But Tyson was a Bear and did awesome! His buddy John Bradley did finish everything just in time - but ended up in the bathroom afterwards. It was fun and Tyson said that was the fastest 30 minutes ever and he never wanted to eat lunch meat ever again.  Way to go at attempting the "Dagwood" Tyson! 
Your a champ and I love you!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Last week was spring break for Tyson. We took it pretty easy and kept our week of fun low key. But nonetheless, good times were had. We kicked off the break by starting to set up the baby's room. Tyson has been dying to put the crib together - so that's just what he did. I will post pictures of Baby Bear's room once everything is all done. 

Tyson starting to put the crib together...yea

Last Tuesday we headed out to the Amish country. *Fact: Ohio is home to the nation's largest Amish community. Who would have thought?  Well, our adventure was fabulous! We had the best time. I just googled online Amish country in Ohio and a place called 'Walnut Creek' was the first place to pop up - plus when I read there was a Chocolate Company, that pretty much did it for me. 

Here we are in front of the super yummy Coblentz Chocolate Company. All the candy is hand made by the Amish and Mennonite women. Right when you walk into the store you are hit with the most yummy smell of Chocolate. Oh it was heavenly. 

Not only can you buy and eat the most delicious chocolates, fudge, candy and caramels, but they also have a viewing area where you can watch the candy being made.

viewing the chocolate being made. Mmmmmm!
When in Amish country - of course you must eat with the Amish. So that's just what we did. 
We ate here...at the Der Dutchman. It was REALLY good. And of course if you know us, not only do we love food, but we love dessert - so we couldn't pass up homemade...

After the chocolate company, lunch and looking through shops , we hit up an Amish market which was really fun. 
And one of the best parts of Amish country is of course seeing the
Horse and Buggies everywhere.  Love it!

Last Saturday we headed down to Kentucky to see our fabulous friends the Barnett's! My friend Kally just had her first adorable baby boy Brody back in February - so we knew we needed to get down there and snuggle the little monkey. Tyson is a baby Pro - he always has been! He has the magic baby touch - pretty sure Brody slept in his arms for over 2 hours while Kally and I sat and chatted. Brody is so dang cute. We loved his chubby cheeks!!
We had the best time hanging out, talking and eating. We also got to meet Kally's hubby Kris for the first time. We thought he was Great! Good job Kally! We had such a great time!

And to end our wonderful spring break we also added a new member to our family,
we'd like you to meet ...
BLUE the Bear.  He's about 2.5 feet tall, very soft, blue nose, black eyes and lots of blue fur. We love him. haha. I'd been eyeing this bear for a while now at Toys R Us, and we finally gave in and bought him. He will be in Baby Bear's room. I plan on taking a picture of Baby Bear and BLUE every month - so you can see how big Baby Bear is growing. 
Spring Break was great - but it could only last so long. It was for sure a nice break for Tyson but he was excited to start his spring quarter.

Which takes us to....

This week we said Goodbye to Winter Quarter and Hello to the Spring Quarter of school.

This was Tyson at the beginning of January on his first day of Winter Quarter. I forgot to post about it - so I figured I'd just add it now. What do you think of the orange calcuator? I saw it at a store one day and thought it was funny. Perhaps he can use it as back up - you can never be too prepared,right? ha.  There were a few highlights for the Winter Quarter... like Winter Quarter flew by so fast...Tyson got all A's again. Yes, he is AMAZING! He taught one class for the quarter and at the end of the quarter his class had to evaluate him - he got really good reviews along with- one person commenting that, "He is really cute" and someone else said that "He looks like he work outs". We've had some good laughs over his evaluations and at least they were all really good.  So bye-bye second quarter of school and bye-bye winter
and now...HELLO third quarter of school and HELLO Spring! YEA! 
So Monday morning was the first day of spring quarter. If Tyson looks a little tired in this picture, well it's because he is. He was nice of enough to let me take a picture of him before I took him to school. He was tired because all last week we stayed up every night till 1 am and slept in till 11 or noon. So it was a little difficult getting up for school. But, Monday turned out to be a great day and he loves his new classes for this quarter. This quarter is gonna go by so fast too...and you know what??? By the end of this quarter...we will have our Baby Bear!! YEA!! Which leads me to this...

Hello! Here I am as of yesterday (Saturday) at 32 weeks and 5 days. WHOA, huh? hahaha. 
Okay, the front shot isn't too bad. However...

From the side...hello big belly! I like my big belly. I look big, but I don't feel big, so that's a good thing right? By the end of this next week - we will be down to 6 weeks! We can't wait!! We both get so giddy with excitement! Everything is going great. We went to the doctor's on Thursday for the 32 week check-up and our Baby Bear is doing awesome - he's head down, so let's hope he can stay that way for the next 6 weeks. He is definitely getting stronger by the day. Sometimes I think he might be trying to escape from my sides, too bad it doesn't work that way. 

So I've got to share a quick funny with you all - because I got a kick out of it. So... last Friday night we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things - and we decided to do the self-check out, well of course something we were getting wouldn't scan so a worker had to come and help us out. I need to give you a quick description of the 'store worker' - she was this nice, larger black lady. So use your imagination...After this lady helped us, she looks at me and asks, "do you know what you are having?" and I said, "yup we are having a boy", her response in her thick loud black lady voice, "WHAT? There's only ONE in there? WHOA you are HUGE!!!!", hahha, I was like, "um, yeah I am?" I had a sweater on that was pretty thick so of course that made me look even larger, so I told her, "well my sweater makes me look kinda bigger" and Tyson was like, "and look at us, we are both really tall", well her remark was "uh, huh...honey you are HUGE and your baby is going to be HUGE, WHOA you are HUGE." By then we were ready to make our exit out of the store, so we were were like " have a nice night" and she said "uh-huh congratulations." We got in the car, and I was like "WHOA you're HUGE." hahahahaa. I've been laughing about that ever since. Good thing my emotions are in check or I could of been crying instead of laughing. But it really was funny, especially the shocking look on her face when I told here there was only 1 baby in my belly. hahaha. You can't say that's not funny. Good times, good times!  

So, that's what's been going on around here. The weather has been so nice here in Columbus. Spring is definitely here. Flowers are blooming and the grass is green! So we are welcoming spring with open arms! Hopefully spring has sprung or is beginning to spring up where everyone else lives! Can you believe it's already April!