Monday, June 17, 2013

{ Running in the 804 } ::

let's talk about running shall we? it's a given, i LOVE to run! I just do. i like how it makes me feel, it makes me happy, i like that only I can do it for myself and no one else can do it for me, I like that it's all up to me how fast i go, how hard i push myself, how long time wise i go, how far i go etc. i love listening to my music as loud as it goes and just getting in the zone. 

 while i was pregnant with Sydney i would have dreams all the time about running. i couldn't wait till i would be able to go again after having her. in February i went in for my 6 week check-up post Sydney and got the "go go go" to run from my doctor. no really, he said and i quote "get on outta here and go RUN!" weird, but he's kinda all about me running. so i did, i knew i had a 10k to train for that was coming up in April and i was really worried i wouldn't be ready by then. i went to the gym and ran 3 miles. i was quite proud of myself, no scratch that, i was shocked that i was actually able to do it, i mean i did just have a baby 6 weeks before. i may or may not have gotten goose bumps while i ran, i was that happy. (insert your eye roll right about now!) so i did 3 miles for a few days and decided to up to 4 miles, great, then 5 and then 6. it was actually a little too easy (insert another eye roll ) but i loved it. and i was totally ready for my 10k when April 13th roll around. don't get me wrong, just because i enjoy running so much doesn't mean there were/are many days of not so good runs or hard days where i may have not wanted to run, but i always end up going anyways and when i go, it for sure always reminds me why i love to run.

 i did the Richmond Monument 10k with my good friend Lara. she has never done a race before, she had never even ran a mile before she started to train for this race. so inspiring, i love it when friends become runners. just like my friends Heather & Ellen when we did this race, they had never ran a race before when they started to train for that race. AMAZING, i tell you! together we rocked our 6.2 miles. it was such a fun race, it was perfect weather, and running downtown with thousands of other runners, and even seeing other friends running or finished running and cheering others on (hi Pete!) it couldn't have been better and i am so happy we did it together. and really running a race is fabulous but being greeted by my cheer squad is definitely the icing on the cake!!

run10 run11 run13 run12 


 the following weekend i got together with some uber fabulous friends and did the "Color Me RAD 5K". what's that you ask? well it's pretty much a moving party, where you are encouraged to wear all white, and get doused with kaleidoscopic cornstarch every kilometer and at a postrace celebration! in other words...nothing like paying money to have colored cornstarch thrown at you for 3.1 miles! this within itself was an experience and so much fun! best part of the race? oh, just having my little side kick do the last mile with me! seriously brody is my little athlete. he rocked it! let's just say i for sure felt pretty RAD after this race! races like these kinda rock! because it's not about how fast you go, but more about how much fun you can have along the way! and because i can never choose just one picture, here is an overload of super RAD RUNNING pictures...


Danielle, Paige, Nichole (and so proud! this was her first race and she rocked it!), and Myself

run6run2 run7 run4 run1 run5 run9 run8

{ zoom zoom } ::

back in April, yes back in April (just playing catch up here) we went and did a Segway tour of downtown Richmond with our good friends the Garners. we live so close to the city, so it was so much fun to really get a more in depth look at where we live and learn some pretty great history as well. it may look kinda nerdy, but don't let those super awesome helmets fool you, it was awesome! 

 we started off by being trained on how to use the Segway and to say i was completely terrified would be an understatement. as our tour guide was demonstrating how to ride the Segway, i wasn't sure whether to poo, throw up or faint. yeah that bad, ha! he even gave the people/person who was the most scared to go first to get "more time" on the Segway, well, let's just say I was the first one on. it probably only took me about 5 minutes to finally get the courage to get ON the thing, while tyson did circles around me. ha! but once i was on and got zooming it was so much fun! we had an absolute blast and we can't wait to do it again!

  seg2seg6 seg8 seg5 seg7 seg4 seg3

Saturday, June 15, 2013

{ summertime : strawberry picking } ::

summer is here and pretty sure the best way to kick off summer is to go strawberry picking! we found a farm we went to last year and had so much fun, we knew we'd go back and do it again this year. this time we met up with good friends, picked berries, had a picnic and went on a tractor ride. it was a hot morning, hence we are all shiny in our pictures.

straw 6 

 my cute berry picker

straw 5straw 3 straw 4 

this cutie enjoyed herself, and pretty sure brody and some of his little friends decided to share some strawberries with sydney too. she didn't seem to mind one bit.

straw 1

brody with his friend rex, giving a thumbs up because strawberry picking is super cool. and hanging out by the farmers big tractor with sophie.

straw 2

yummy picked berries and the strawberry fields. 

 we ate a few of the berries and they were really yummy, and the rest got made into a few batches of homemade strawberry freezer jam, i know totally domestic of me, right? pictures of jam and recipe to come. erin, if you read this it would have been way more fun to make jam with you, just sayin!

we've been picking strawberries now for quite a few years, but this post from just 2 years ago, wow sure gets to me. 1. because i miss ohio and 2. i can't believe how little brody looks! nothing better than having such great memories to look back on. and nothing better than making lots more! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

{ 5 months } ::

5 month 

 Sydney is 5 months! 5! this past month just seemed to fly on by. this little one is seriously the best thing ever! she is always so happy! like sooo happy! and those yummy happy cheeks add to my pure happiness. it takes everything in me not to just kiss and squeeze her all day long. we just love her so much. it's been a pretty happening month for little miss sydney! 

 she is still a champion sleeper and eater. 
 she absolutely loves being outside. 
 she is almost mastering sitting up, and rolls back front, front back and i continue to find her in the craziest places in our family room. i will put her down, run into the kitchen real quick and come back and she's already made it over to the other side of the room. silly girl! 
 she gets arms up and tries to bring her knees up to crawl. girlfriend is trying so hard! 
 she's been to the water park twice and has loved it. water baby! so happy she loves the water as much as brody. 
wants to chew on everything insight...we see teething in our future and sure hope it goes as smoothly as it did for older brother!!
 loves her baths and her whole bedtime routine for that matter. 
 she snuggles and would all. the. time. mmmmmm, love that! 
 she's been strawberry picking. took her to the historical farm, mt. vernon and the zoo for the first time, pretty sure she loved it all! 
she still has crazy hair, that we love. gravity is now really taking over and i think she looks darling with it brushed over.
she loves her  feet! just caught her today trying to eat her toes, which was hilarious due to the fact her little tummy was getting in the way of her mouth and those tiny cute toes!
she got to meet her uncle jeremy and it was love at first sight! she loves him. so sweet! 
she had her first weekend away from me, while i went to ohio to run a half marathon. but no worries, she was in the best care of her daddy! 
 we had our own girls weekend while daddy and brother went on there farther and sons camp out. 
she loves to talk, coo, LAUGH, oh that laugh, so yummy! 
 loves her brother, she still gets so happy every morning when she sees him for the first time. 
 so pretty much she is perfect. 
we love her so much! 

 happy 5 months baby girl!