Sunday, October 31, 2010

trick or treat...

so when Halloween falls on a weekend in Columbus, many of the neighborhoods have Halloween on Thursday nights. so for us this year, trick or treating was on Thursday night! we had the best time! brody loved every minute of it and he did an awesome job trick or treating. i love how they do trick or treating out here. everyone sits out on there porches or front stairs and hands out candy. it's so nice! brody loved walking up to get his candy. he would wave and say hi and then he would either have candy handed to him and he would put his candy in his pumpkin, or he got to choose a piece of candy and then put it in his pumpkin. he rocked it! and everyone LOVED his costume! he does make the cutest bear i've ever seen! nothing beats hanging out with this little bear! without a doubt this has been the best halloween! we've loved celebrating and doing so much fun stuff!

the worlds cutest bear...




only you can prevent wild fires!



h5 the end


bundled and ready to go!

let's do this!

trick or treat...happy halloween. we were told that they say 'happy halloween' around here instead of 'trick or treat'. so we kinda didn't know what to do. so we would say, 'trick or treat' get the candy and say 'thank you, happy halloween'. it seemed to work well. :)

making our way down the street

brody walked right up to the these steps and took a seat and sat with this lady and her dog for a few minutes. guess he needed a break. he loved the dog. when he was ready he got his piece of candy and we were back on our way.

brody bear and papa

brody bear and mama

everyone around here really gets into decorating and celebrating...i took some pictures of peoples houses...but it really doesnt do it justice.

the brody bears loot! he scored big time! and his pumpkin was filled to the top! suckers are his FAVORITE thing ever, so he's keep'in those and tyson's students and classmates will get to enjoy the rest. and just maybe after i poured out all the candy, i lined everything up just to check it out. :)

happy halloween


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hope You Have A...

happy halloween

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pumpkin picking...

isn't Fall just the greatest? i love the crisp air, the changing colors...and PUMPKINS! In one week we hit up 3 pumpkin patches and it was all so much fun!

pumpkins 1
our first pumpkin patch was just a little over a week ago...and well there hasn't been much of the "cool crisp air" around these was a warm 90 degree day...

pumpkins 2
a tractor ride took us out to the pumpkin patch...and brody was in LOVE with the tractor. without a doubt that was the highlight for him!

pumpkins 3

pumpkins 4

pumpkins 5

pumpkins 6
we each picked out our own pumpkin and this is the cute little one brody went for.

pumpkins 7
but if brody had a choice, he would have picked the tractor to bring home! the man who took us out to the patch was nice enough to let brody play on the tractor while everyone else was picking there pumpkins. he's so cute!!!

pumpkins 9
heading back in...

pumpkins 11
after our hayride, we went into a barn that had more pumpkins and other fun stuff to look at...and look... a brody size pumpkin. but honestly...brody could have cared less about this pumpkin because...

pumpkins 12
he loved this Skeleton!

pumpkins 10

pumpkins 14
pumpkin patch 2010

pumpkin family
and just to look was are last year at the same pumpkin patch 2009...brody was almost 5 months old! so crazy to me that was just last year... and now he's almost 17 months! wow, time sure does fly when you are having fun!

pumpkins 13
and i just had to show the lovely covered bridge we drive thru to go to the pumpkin patch. i just love it! isn't it beautiful? it makes me think of the headless horseman, but no headless dude with a flaming pumpkin on a huge black horse followed us home...

the end.

Oh thought i was done? nope! i was done with that little ditty..but hello! we went to another farm a few days later...but lucky for you...i forgot my camera...but no worries...then a few days after that, just this past saturday to be exact...we went back, because brody had so much fun the first time, and tyson wasn't with us...
so without further a'do...

farm 18
Hidden Creek Farms...this place was awesome! brody and i went there last wednesday with a bunch of friends from church and we had such a great time,
i knew tyson would love it too, and he did!

farm 1

farm 3
this pumpkin patch had so much fun stuff to do for kids...brody LOVED this slide...we both took turns going down with brody at least 20 times.

farm 12
the hayride out to the pumpkin know brody was love'in that tractor.

farm 4

farm 5

farm 7

farm 9
after picking pumpkins...we headed back to the farm and went and checked out the animals...we saw a cow, goats, sheep and chickens...

farm 13
and then the brody bear played in the dirt...we need this in our backyard ;)

farm 14
then we rode tractors around...farmer tyson...

farm 15
farmer brody...

farm 16
then we went into this barn, which happened to have a maze inside
built out of hay bails...

farm 11
and it was actually really fun, and brody thought it was great!

farm 2
and perhaps there was another cool barn...where brody went down another slide...10 other times...along with playing in a huge sandbox, which actually didn't have sand in it, it was filled with corn kernels and it had tons of fun toys and buckets and was heaven for brody!

farm 10

farm 8

farm 6

farm 17

i love ohio in the fall...and these moments are just the greatest! we had so much fun and we totally have tons of pumpkins on our front porch now...well worth it, if i do say so myself!

the end.