Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{ here's to 9 } ::

August 14th 2004 was our special day! 
 can't believe it's been 9 years!

  aug 14 

 I'm sure glad you knocked on my door that Sunday night ... then came back to ask me out ... we went on a date ... decided to get married ... and 9 years later! we kinda rock this! aren't we lucky?
 thanks for being the best husband, greatest dad and my best friend! 

 i sure love you!!! 
happy anniversary to us! 

 past anniversary posts right here!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{ 7 months } ::

7 months 

 on August 3rd, little miss Sydney turned7 months. let's say this again, 7 months! really? can someone please tell me, where is the pause button! i just said 6 months flew by and here we are at 7 months with this smiley bundle of love! we sure are soaking up every lovely moment with our sweet little girl. My heart is so full of love for her it's exponential. 

 i love your sweet, lovey, sensitive personality. i love your curiosity for the world around you. your laugh is priceless, i wish we could bottle it up and ship it off to all our friends and family who don't get to hear it - it brings joy to our hearts and smiles to our faces. you are crawling all about and want to pull yourself up on everything you can find. i think you just want to keep up with big brother. you have 2 bottom teeth and you are a champ about it and they are too cute to boot. you sleep 11-12 hours every night and take 2 naps a day, you love your sleep. you love it when we feed you anything we are eating. you love peek-ah-boo, your toys, books and PAPER and well Anything you can put in your mouth. i love how you love to play with your brother and let him play/taunt/smother you with lots of loves and sometimes not so much love, ha! if you could be naked all day you would, you are not a fan of getting dressed at all. you love it when i sing to you. you love to be outside, go on walks and swim in the pool. you are so HAPPY and smiley. And on top of everything else you are adorable. i am so happy you are mine! 

 i love u. 

{ 6 month check up } ::

6 month check up

this check up was a special one! On July 9th Sydney had her 6 month check up and Brody had his 4 year check up! it was fun taking both kiddos in together, but maybe not so fun that both had to get shots. but we lucked out with tough little ones who did a great job with all the shots they had to get. we can't believe that Sydney is already 6 months! wow that went by so fast. like soooo fast. it has been so much fun and she is such a sweetheart and such an amazing little girl. we are just so in love with her, and just as much in love with our Brody bear as well. we can't believe he is 4! that 4 years went by fast too! but it has all been so much fun. we love his zest for life and spunky personality and he brings us so much joy everyday! we are so lucky and blessed to have these two little lovies! 

 Sydney's stats are :: 

head : 16 1/2 inches 
 weight : 19 pounds 8 ounces 
 height : 28 1/8 inches 

 Brody's stats are ::

 weight : 54 pounds 
 height : 46 inches