Saturday, September 20, 2014

{ and she was blessed } ::

So ... I blogged about segway tours and running the monument 10k ... but that same weekend of April 12th 2013 ... we were lucky enough to have both sets of parents here to be apart of Sydney's baby blessing at church. It was a beautiful sunny day, and Tyson gave Sydney a sweet, loving, blessing filled with hopes, blessings, faith, strength and love. We are so grateful for our moms and dads for coming and being with us. And we know for a fact Brody loved every minute of attention as well. 

We ate yummy food and went downtown to Cary St. Burgers, so good, always a favorite of ours! Brody finish his gymnastics class that he loved, We took family walks, we played and sat around and talked, and were able to also take some time with my mom and dad and go into D.C. for the day and play around. It was a fun filled packed weekend! And believe it or not, I didn't take that many pictures,. I know, right? who am I? but we were just having so much fun. so here are bits and pieces of our blessing weekend. Oh and let's just put it out there right now 1. how incredibly beautiful/handsome and adorable Sydney & Brody are, wow (bias? you bet!) 2. Sydney's hair! yes it is amazing! and 3. i am so thankful for my beautiful wonderful family that i love so so much! mmmkay ... moving on to the best part ...Pictures!

  bless 17bless 18 bless 19 bless 3 bless 2 bless 1 bless 4 bless 5 bless 7 bless 8 bless 6 bless 9 bless 10 bless 16 bless 13 bless 14 bless 15

{ 1 year check up } ::

1 year check up

On January 3rd Sydney had her ONE year check up! And fitting that it was also her birthday! We had already been in and out of the doctors because she had gotten really sick on Christmas day. So we had gone for a couple different check ups. Luckily, on this day, she was so much better! She got all looked at and is strong and healthy and a happy adorable one year old! i say it all the time, but i will say it again and again and again, we love you Sydney! I could hold you and smooch on you all day long! You are so beautiful, so fun, and so loving. We couldn't ask for more! 

 Sydney Adele stats are :: 
weight :: 25 pounds 4.5 ounces
 height :: 31.8 inches 

{ 12 months :: ONE year old } ::

your one 2

On January 3rd 2014 this sweet yummy morsel turned ONE! ONE! By far 2013 was a fabulous year!! We are so thankful that Sydney joined our family and that we get to be apart of her life! We have enjoyed every minute with her! The joy she brings up is the best! At ONE year old she is walking everywhere, loves her big brother, is a big cuddle bug, loves to laugh, make animals sounds especially a cat sound - her meow is quite awesome!! she has many other loves :: she loves to eat and will try anything, she loves to have warm bubble baths, loves her hair blow dried, she loves laughing - her deep down belly laughs are the best! she loves picking brody up from pre-school - she gets so excited when she sees him - like they've been apart for so long and get to be reunited again, it's adorable! same thing goes for in the mornings, when both kiddos wake up - they are both so excited to see each other. melts my heart! she loves being outside, going for walks, playing up at our favorite historical farm. with the cold we are inside lots more obviously, but still find fun things to do. she's so good at going with the flow and happy with whatever we are doing. a total gem i tell you! she got to celebrate her first Christmas which was magical and then sadly got really sick Christmas day. but with prayers and amazing doctors and medicine she was on the mend for her big day of turning one! oh our sweet sweet Sydney! thank you for loving us! we love you so much! thank you for your cuddles and eskimo kisses, your smile makes everyone happy! you are the yummiest baby girl and we thank our heavenly father everyday for you!!! happy one year baby girl! another year of fantastic adventures!