Tuesday, March 17, 2009

30 weeks...

Here I am Today at 30 Weeks! I love it! I keep saying it - but time is flying by! We are almost to, two months away and our little bear will be here. We are so stoked! I am feeling great. I am tired - but I've been tired the entire time I've been preggers. I know some get there energy back - I am not one of those. But I can't complain - I am totally blessed to be able to stay home and just take it easy - 
I am soaking it up now before our little bear comes. 
Other than that everything is Great! He's still kicking strong - and he LOVES to roll. 

We've had a few shopping sprees to Babies R Us in the past few weeks and that was really fun. We have almost everything for the baby's room - now we just need to get it all together - that's the exciting part! I will post pictures once we have it all together. 

30 Weeks and counting - YEA for BABY BEAR!

Birthday Fun...

My birthday was a few weeks ago - and I had a blast - thanks to my AMAZING hubby! We hung out and relaxed, went shopping and enjoyed a really fun day together. 

I choose the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner - it was very tasty (as always). Best part of eating there - we had to wait so long to be seated we ate dessert first. I was starving and the prego girl needed fed. haha. So we ordered dessert from the dessert counter and just stood there with our super yummy cheesecake and ate it. Dinner was fabulous too! 

So I have the best hubby ever - he decorated the house upstairs and down stairs with lots of balloons, ribbons and streamers - along with that I got fun gifts and a cake that was almost better than our wedding cake (seriously). 

It was a wonderful day and it was full of birthday fun! 
Thanks Tyson for making my day the best! I loved it all!

Monday, March 16, 2009