Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Brody at 4 months...
you still sleep through the night for 10+ hours
(still amazing)
you love nap time
basically you LOVE to sleep.
you love to share you little giggle with us - and it's so dang cute!
if you had the option you would
1. like to sit up all day
2. stand up all day
3. be held all day
but preferably you'd like us standing up while holding you and not sitting down. You definitely let us know you want us to stand, when we sit down. HOW? How is it you know when we sit down???
you have now flown in an airplane from Ohio to Oregon and you did outstanding!
you still hate your car seat with a deep dark passion.
you went to the beach for the first time, and love'd it!
we shared a fruit Popsicle with you and you thought it was the bomb!
you love rolling all around and talking while you do so.
you eat like a champ.
you are the happiest baby ever!
your smile is heart melting - I wonder if your cheeks every get tired from smiling so much?
you love to grab for your toys and when you do get a hold of them you love to see what they taste like.
you love eating your hands.
you are super strong.
you let us smoother you with loads of hugs and kisses and you just sit contently while we do so.
you have never woken up unhappy! when I come in your room to get you - you always have a huge happy smile and then you kick your legs with excitement! I love you for that!
you LOVE being read to!
if you could be outside taking walks all day you would.
you love sitting on the porch swing checking everything out.
you like going to campus to visit your daddy in his office.
to top everything still LOVE to CUDDLE!! I love that we cuddle every morning for usually 2 are my cuddle buddy and that is without a doubt the best thing ever!!
YOU are the BEST thing ever!

We had a great time being home in Oregon...
and we've got the pictures to prove it!
So let the good times roll...

we had a photo shoot daily with the Brody Bear...he's just so cute, we couldn't help ourselves!

so there is a story behind this picture...Brody poo'd and it smelled bad, call us wimps, whatev, but we were like - "let's not stink up the house" - so we took me outside on the deck and changed him there. Hey he didn't care - and it didn't stink so bad.

mastering the art of blowing bubbles


We went to the Zoo with Tyson's sister Amy and our awesome nieces and nephew! We had a blast - the weather was perfect and all the animals were out and about - usually when we go the zoo the animals are sleeping.

So we considered this day a success!

awe the bear....we all know...I LOVE Bears!

we went on lots of afternoon walks which was lovely...

Brody started to discover a liking for his feet and on top of such a great discovery - Daddy and Brody watched the OSU vs. USC game. And that's all I will say about the game.

we went to VOO-DOO Doughnuts down in Portland one night with Jeremy and Namoi and it was tasty-tasty! Tyson had the "Maple Bacon Bar" and "some lemon kind" and I had hello! the VOO-DOO doughnut filled with the most delish raspberry filling I have EVER had! Please note my little VOO-DOO doll and the "needle" is a pretzel and the lovely "red frosting of blood" ozzing from the brain. Awesome, huh?

It was so good! We highly recommend going if you're ever in Portland.
wanna know more about VOO-DOO

and even though this has nothing to do with doughnuts - but it does have to do with voo-doo. On one of our travels a few years ago, we went to Haiti and learned that 70% of the people that die there, it's from VOO-DOO! Creepy, huh?

anywhos...moving along...

you can't tell here...but we all went bowling with my dad. Well, Brody didn't bowl - he slept the entire time - up till this picture was taken. We LOVE to Bowl.

here is our talented 3 month old figuring out, that if you pull on the elephants legs it rattles. Such a smartie!

Tyson studied for a BIG upcoming test he will be taking soon!
Brody was helping Tyson out - ya know, showing him the skill of studying.

we babysat our nephew Hayden one day - we played with toys, got in the hot tub, played with balls in the garage, walked on the treadmill, ran around the house, asked him 100 times what cookie monster says "COOKIES", and we feed him lots of Oreos. Yes, that's right Hayden's mom and dad....and it was fun! Pretty sure Hayden enjoyed himself as well.

Brody helped Grandpa mow the lawn.

oh he's so good to put up with us! So we borrowed my brother's bumbo chair to see how Brody would like it. He either wants to stand or sit up all the time - so we figured he'd love being able to sit up all by himself in the bumbo. Well, we were WRONG! All he wanted to do was try and stand up once he was sitting. Oh well, we tried. But he looks really cute sitting there - for like the 2 minutes that he lasted. Oh and yes we tried it multiple times. no luck. Silly little bear!
what do you get when you put a tired Brody in the hot tub? Well just the look on his face pretty much tells you it all. We thought Brody would love being in the hot tub, well he didn't hate it, but he also didn't love it. Our little water baby was kinda confused on why the bath tub looked so big. He pretty much kicked back with Tyson and relaxed and then we took him in gave him a little bath and he knocked out for a nice 3 hour nap. Next time we will make sure he's not so tired.

a picture from one of our many photo shoots - um, pretty sure he just looks funny here.

can't forget about the quality tummy time with the papa bear!

The BEACH! We went out to Seaside for the day and we had the greatest time! The weather was perfect and it was so much fun! It was Brody's first time to the BEACH and he LOVED it and the nice breeze that was blowing. He loves being outside - and being at the beach was the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

Our little family

Hello there! Am I not the cutest baby ever?? I know right! ahhh, we can't get enough of this little guy, we L-O-V-E him so much! So, once again we were hanging out - outside. The weather was perfect while we were in Oregon. I don't think it even rained the entire time we were home.
Now that is

Well there you have it! Oregon was wonderful! It's great to be home after a long trip - but it's nice coming back home and thinking about the awesome time we did have!
So...Until next time...
The End.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happenings in Oregon...

While at home, Brody was able to meet new family and friends for the first's the run down on who he got to see...

we got to see...

Some of our Besties Erin and Reed! We love hanging out with them! It was so fun to see them, there new house which is beautiful and also see there kiddos, who by the way are so dang cute! One of the best parts of the night was when Taylor said, "hi baby brody", it was precious! Thanks guys for a fun evening! We can't wait to see you again!

Brody found another cuddle buddy!

we also got to see...

Brody got to meet Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Naomi and Cousin Hayden. We didn't get a picture of the cousin's together. Hayden pretty much wanted nothing to do with a baby. haha. But he did give Brody a few love touches - I am sure they will be great friends when they get older. It was lots of fun being able to spend lots of time with them and we all had a great time hanging out! We love you guys!

we also got to see...

My Childhood friend Jocelyn. We've known each other since like what 2rd grade! She is awesome and so much fun to be around! Not only was it Brody's first time meeting Jocelyn, but it was also Tyson's first time meeting her as well. It's always fun to actually meet someone in person, than just hear about them. Tyson gave Jocelyn 5 stars on the friendship scale and said she is one cool girl. And Brody...oh he LOVED Jocelyn. Every time she was talking he would just start "cooing" - it was so cute! We had fun going out to dinner and then going back to Jocelyn's house to hangout for a while. Thanks Jocelyn for a fun evening - and we can't wait to see you again soon!!

we also got to see...

Tyson's sister Amy and our Brother in law Eric and our fabulous nieces and nephews! We were so excited to see everyone and everyone was very excited to see Brody. Brody loved meeting his cousins who love'd him up! It was so cute! We were able to go out to Amy's one night to hangout and have dinner and we also spent a day at the zoo. If was so fun hanging out with everyone! Next time we are home, we must hangout more!! We Love You!

*SHOT OUT to Amy who is AMAZING...she made Brody this adorable blanket! It's so perfect - and bonus it's SOFT!
We all know Brody is love'in up on that.
!!Thank You Amy!!

we also got to see...

One of my fabulous friends Tiffany! She came up from Eugene to pay us a visit and it was so great to see her! Brody loved Tiffany - and at one point he was totally flirting with her. It was so funny! Thanks Tiff for coming and seeing us! We hope you are moved up to Portland by Christmas!

Thanks everyone for all the fun visits - we can't wait to see you again! And for those we didn't get to see while we were there, we will be back - so we must get together!
*(by the way...this is my 100th post...horray for blogging!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Come Fly Away...

On August 28th we took a trip to visit my family in Portland.

Brody did AWESOME on the flights! He played, cuddled, and slept and got told by a bazillion people how cute he is. Of course he is!! He also got the "your baby was the best baby I have ever flown with award!" from other passengers on the plane. Good Job Brody Bear - You are one great traveler!

*Please note the airplanes on his outfit. Yes, we planned that.

he's just the Best!

2 Airplane tickets : $879.00
Flying from Columbus to Portland: 7.5 hours
Vacation time: August 28th-September 14th 2009
Traveling with our Brody Bear: PRICELESS!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

evening at the park...

One lovely Monday evening we went to the park to have a picnic dinner for our FHE ...

it was a perfect evening of yummy food and relaxing under a tree at one of our favorite parks in Columbus...

we took lots of pictures - Brody had hit the wall of picture taking by this point...

but of course we sang some songs and got some good giggles out of this cute little guy...

yes he's even cuter in person...

and of course... how does every one of our adventures end? with a little snoozing and snuggling.

gotta love a perfect evening!
3 months.

Can you believe it...Brody is already 3 months old! He is the best thing ever! We are so lucky that he is all ours! Where did our little baby go? Our baby bear is getting so big and every day seriously gets better and better!

At 3 months Brody...

*has been sleeping through the night since 5 weeks for 9-10 hours every night {amazing}
*talks "coos" up a storm, it melts your heart
*he loves to roll
*he's discovering his feet
*he's super strong and would prefer to be sitting up or standing
*he's got mom and dad wrapped around his finger more and more everyday
*he loves sucking on his fingers
*he loves smiling
*he loves being outside and having adventures
*he receives the "cutest baby award" daily from strangers

in other words...he's Amazing!

Friday, September 4, 2009

take me out to the ball game...

a couple of weeks ago we went HERE. The Huntington Park baseball stadium to watch the Columbus Clippers play. We had a great time!

and this is a picture of the score board. *because, who doesn't want to see a picture of the score board?

and this is what Brody did...

napped and cuddled...

worked on his lady killer skills...

nibbled on his hand {which by the way, he loves to eat} and eeyore's ear...

and of course looked adorable...

we went with some of our super cool friends...

and Brody finished out the night doing this...


yea for our baseball adventure. yea Columbus Clippers, um they lost. but still yea! it was fun!

the end.