Sunday, March 31, 2013

{ some of this & a lot of that } ::

there is something about being able to take a picture and capture a moment that last forever. i love looking at a picture and remembering the story behind it and the meaning that can come from it. i guess that's why i take a bajillion pictures. i just can't help myself! but i am so happy i can keep these moments with me and look back on day to day things we've done and smile and know we have lived a good life, and that we try and make the most of everyday we can together. we are happy and loved, can't ask for more. these are just a few ( a lot) of things we've been 
up to the past few weeks...


going to mall to buy new shoes but spending most of our time riding the escalator. and we use our airplane arms to fly while shopping at hobby lobby, like we would do it any other way?


we eat lots of sweet frog and we take the time to have a little moment of love.


i've been really lucky and there are times when brody is taking his nap and miss sydney is awake, so she and i have time together, just her and i. we snuggle and talk, i can't get enough of her she is so addicting! and well... brody has his moments too, sometimes we have tough days.


we like to sleep around here and have sunday naps and well sydney LOVES to sleep. i don't blame her, nothing like a really good snooze!


and just like my alone time with sydney, during her naps, brody and i get to play together. i love, love, LOVE that time with him. oh my i love this little boy of mine. but you knew that already!


some of our days are just spent at home because it's just been so cold! so we snuggle. we watch tv and watch movies. we color and paint. we play basketball and baseball. we building elevators with our blocks and legos and we fly airplanes and brody entertains sydney with buzz lighter and somehow i always end up being Zurg and brody trys to kill me....hmmmm?


and ohhhhh...we have a daddy's girl on our hands. shut the front door! could this not be any cuter? oh how i love them. i totally get the bond. brody is a mama's boy! melt the heart!


i want to bottle this all up, so on days when they are teenagers and where they may fight or want to claw each other faces off i could sprinkle this love all over them, kinda like pixie dust.


we have days where doctor brody checks out his patients. and he's obsessed lately with touching our eye brows. i've informed him he is not allowed to jab our eyeballs. just pet our eye brows. we've had a few incidents with eyeball jabbing.


tyson is the Cub Scout Master in our ward (church) and with his calling, he is in charge of the cub scout blue and gold banquet. good thing he lets me help AKA take over and do everything! his evening went great! he let me decorate and i kept it nice and simple. if you don't know...well you do now...I LOVE POMS! it's an addiction. i am sure my Ohio friends are laughing/cheering for me, cause you know i love my POMS. so i did a ton of poms and hot glued them to skewers and put them in mason jars and got the blue and yellow table cloths at the dollar store. and hello, this banquet is for the little boys, so i added M&M's along the middle of the table, cause let's be honest, it's so much more fun to sit at a table with M&M's for your eating pleasure. for dinner they did a bake potato bar, lots of sides, drinks and then a cake competition and the cakes were dessert. i just stayed long enough to decorate and make sure the food tables looked pretty. tyson said the night went fabulous.


along with helping with the blue and gold i made a cake to go along with cake competition...i didnt win...because someone TYSON (who made the rules) didnt inform me that everything had to edible. womp womp! but i still think it turned out pretty awesome! and while i was working on the blue and gold, i got my craft on and made flower bows. a first in my life, thank you. i was invited to a Bow party and you had to make one type of bow for the amount of girls going to the party. so i made 15. and i think they turned out pretty good for my first time. halla! at the party you made 15 and i got 15 different other bows that everyone else made. pretty genius if you ask me.


we love bath time! this little one loves her baths just as much as her brother. we've got water babies! and whats better than being wrapped up in a warm towel and blow dried! heaven!


we are obsessed, she is just the sweetest thing ever!

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and talking about being obsessed these two LOVE each other! EVERY single morning the first thing brody ask for is Sydney and he HAS to see her and kiss her and lay by her. she is always up before him so when he comes running down stairs to see her, she just lights up and is so happy to see him. it's this cutest thing ever. you can tell she is just saying "i was wondering where you were".


we like to work on tummy time around here.


the only thing that would make our days better would be if tyson could spend all day with us everyday. this is my paradise. there is NOTHING, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, i would rather do than be with these two day in and out. NOTHING. i feel extremely lucky that this is what i get to do. its a dream. end of story.

9 8

we like to have some weekend adventures like attempting to ice skate. um, brody is usually always up for something new, but when it came to skating this was not his idea of fun (hence his face in the picture, ha!) we watched tyson skate around the rink ONCE and then the ice skating rink was nice enough to refund us our money, ha! brody just did not want to do it. so that was ok. we didnt want to push it. so we laughed about our 5 minute skating adventure. but if you don't think that's exciting well shoot, how bout' shopping at Costco on a Saturday and going through the car wash? yes, we need TWO carts to shop at costco, that's how we roll! and the car wash, it's pretty much a tradition that brody and i go wash my car on saturdays, this particular day we did let tyson and sydney join us.


we've liked making cookies on rainy afternoons, okay pretty much its more fun to eat the cookie dough (Brody). we also love to ride in our boat and go to far off places and climb mountains, go fishing, look for volcanos and golden coconuts in trees. living the dream my friends!


and i've already mentioned it...but she loves to sleep! and we eat bears! 


we've also spent mornings in our jam jams and have been lazy.


we've gone to Krispy Kreme for family home evening per- brody's request. really he just loves watching the doughnuts be made. i cant blame him, it's pretty cool to watch.


and oldie but goody, we did celebrated valentines day. we did a little scavenger hunt for brody and heart attacked his bedroom door and left tons heart balloons out in the hallway, that was a fun day!


and welp, after all the other fun things we do around here, we keep loving up this little yummy nugget! we can't help ourselves. lots of love going on around here! 

 so there we have it....some of this and a lot of that!

{ Easter } ::

we couldn't have asked for a better Easter weekend! We were able to play, eat, celebrate and remember the importance of this time of year. i am so thankful for this family of mine. i am thankful for a knowledge that i know that we get to be together forever! i am thankful that they are mine. i am thankful that we get to remember our savior and the sacrifice he made for us. i know my redeemer lives! life is sweeter and more enjoyable knowing that i have a loving heavenly father that loves us all. i love this. "Fear not, for i know that ye seek Jesus. he is not here, for HE IS RISEN". Matthew 28:5-6

easter5easter3 easter1 easter2 easter4

Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

{ double digits } ::

10 weeks 

 my sweet little yummy Sydney Bear you are 10 weeks old today! 
10 weeks, oh my! 
you are without a doubt our all you can eat buffet of love.

Friday, March 1, 2013

{ 8 weeks } ::

 { 8 weeks old }

 that's right...Sydney hit the 8 week mark, yesterday February 28th! it all just goes by so fast! We have seriously had the best two months with this little sweet heart. She definitely has all 3 of us wrapped around her finger and hello it's not hard to see why. We love her sweet and loving personality and she is so much fun! We feel so blessed to have her in our family!

 At two months Sydney...

 * is one great eater.
 * is a great sleeper...she usually goes to sleep at 8 pm and wakes up around 3 am to eat, eats and goes back to sleep till 8:30. girlfriend LOVES to sleep! she cat naps all through the 10 am hour, wakes up to eat at 11 am and then sleeps from noon-to about 3 or 3:30. she eats and then usually cat naps some more through out the evening until bath time. she and brody take there naps at the same time, so it's pretty amazing! 
 * loves soft and furry things, just like her big brother. 
 * loves to COO! she's such a talker - it's the sweetest thing. 
 * loves to splish splash during her baths - she loves the water. 
 * loves to smile ALL the's so contagious. 
 * likes chill'in and napping in her bouncy seat 
 * goes from being super happy to not so happy without any warning sometimes, and its always one of the three things 1. hungry 2. wants her diaper changed 3. has to burp 
 * she hates a wet diaper (don't blame her, i'd hate that too)
 * likes playing on her jungle play mat 
 * likes watching her big brother run all around 
 * is so good to deal with big brother trying to pick her up, touch her, poke her, rub his face on her hair, smother her with kisses every hour of the day, he just loves her so much! 
 * is so good on outings, 99% of the time she just sleeps 
 * pretty much has the most amazing hair ever 
 * is just the sweetest yummiest thing ever!
 * loves loud noises, example: blower dryer, brody, loud music, the vaccum puts her to sleep, running water of the bath tub
 * still loves being blow dried after her bath 
 * LOVES LOVES LOVES to cuddle 

 *We love her so much!