Tuesday, March 30, 2010

double digits...

double digets

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


i am thinking... how excited i am for summer. chasing brody around the park while he tries to eat the grass and chase the ducks. soaking up the lovely warm sun. getting slurpees and taking trips to the zoo.

i am wearing... jeans and my oregon sweatshirt (shocker, huh?)

i am creating... well, i am always creating in my mind, but executing is my problem. i am trying to decide on a "theme" for brody's birthday party. and i want to go buy some fun fabric to make some pillows. i'm trying to be a lot more domestic this year. p.s. i might need a sewing lesson.

i am reading... an article in runners world magazine about a guy who got in a car accident a few years ago, he was hit by a dump truck and it crushed his pelvis, ribs and clavicle and his heart and lungs got pushed to right side of his body, he lost 60% of his blood, he endured 14 surgeries and 36 blood transfusions and spent two months in a coma. but he came out of his coma and he pushed through every challenge and now he runs marathons and runs in Iron Man competitions. it's amazing and inspiring.

i am hoping... we know what we are doing for the summer in the next few weeks. we do know that we are not moving to Pennsylvania now, and I am very happy about that. if you are like what? PA? you never told me that...yaddi-ya...well, tyson interviewed for a summer statistics internship for a pharmaceutical company, but we heard back from them and they told him "nope". which is totally okay with us. it will be nice not to have to pack, find a place to live, move for 3 months etc etc etc. so it's all good. now we are waiting to hear back from a few other places he applied for internships to here in Columbus, or see if he has a teaching position with the school for the summer. so when i find out....you'll find out.

i am hearing... brody's beautiful piano lullaby music.

around the house... i spy toys, books and stuff animals and an empty laundry basket that needs to be put in the basement.

one of my favorite things... brody's amazing laugh when i tickle him. my ears have never been so happy. i could do it all day long, but i try and give him a few breaks throughout the day until i wind up again.

my upcoming plans... doing a few projects around the house, hopefully a photo shoot and get some cute pics of the little bear, hanging out with some friends, running running running, going out to dinner, enjoying the spring weather and having some fun with the fam.

what are you doing currently?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

just keep swimming...

pool time 2

we took brody to the swimming pool on campus and he loved it! he had such a great time and it was so fun to hear him squeal with excitement.

pool time1

splish splash!

pool time 3

the water slide!

pool time 4

my little water baby! he loved the slide and i love this picture of my two boys. love love love them.

pool time 5

family fun, can't get any better than this!



on friday we took brody to our local "petland", pet shop. it's actually quiet wonderful and the workers there now know us and try and get us to buy a dog every time we go in. but that will never happen because i am way too allergic and i think dogs are actually kinda gross and smelly and drooly and i think they need to be given altoids for there breath and be bathed in herbal essence. anywhos other than that...petland is pretty cool, they have lots of cute doggies and they let you play with them and sit in little cubicles where you can put the dog down and play around. it's quite fun. it gives us our animal fix and on top of it, brody loves the dogs and cats and birds and bunnies and fish. you get the idea.

well on this particular friday this little white dog was the one we picked out to play with. need i mention that we've played with this dog on several visits and you say why would we play with it again? well...it's because tyson is in love with this dog. yup, it's true and i think he will love that i am sharing this. so once again we played with our little snowball. it's kinda like having a pet but not, and other people take care of it for us and when we feel like visiting we do. anywhos...it was fun to play with the little ball of white fur and brody gets a kick out of petting him, so good times at Petland.

so humor me with this post, i almost can't believe that i am blogging about us going and seeing a dog but the picture is so cute, i couldn't help myself. ha.

green day.

st. p day post 1

st. p day post 2

st. p day post 3

well, it's better late than never to blog about our st. patties day! we had a wonderful day of green. tyson spent a good portion of his day sitting in an office correcting his student's finals. super fun, huh tyson? well, while tyson was doing his thing at school we had a great day, even though it would have been even more fun with tyson (awe, that was sweet, huh? ;) . anywhos... we started the morning off with a little photo session and then we ate some way yummy green pancakes. pretty sure brody had more fun putting the pancakes in his hand and then clapping, but he still thought that they tasted good. mmmmm. we probably ate some lucky charms...because we all know that they are magically delicious and we possibly ate some green m&m's and probably some green mint chip ice cream through out the day as well. but no worries we also incorporated our mixed green veggies as well.

we also enjoyed spending sometime with our friend Bethann and we all soaked in the beautiful warm weather and took a walk over to Jeni's ice cream. yum!

all in all it was a fabulous day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it's a green thing...


Happy St. Patty's Day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

let it snow.

it snowed again last week. shocker. (not really). we are seriously so over the snow for the this season. and luckily as i write this, the sky is blue, the sun is shinning and the snow is melting...hallelujah! here's hope'in for it to stay this way.

but while it did snow again...we figured we needed to capture the magcial momment of seeing brody truly experience "snow" for the first time. he is indeed our little outdoor adverture boy, it could be -20 outside and pretty sure he'd want to go outside if he could. i swear he's the next
bear grylls.

my mom bought brody the snow suit that he's wearing in the pictures, way before he was even born, just hope'in he'd be able to wear it durning the winter. well our little bear has been to big for it all winter. and we haven't ever played in the snow up until this point just because it's been so nasty cold out. but i figured we'd better get him out in the snow before it didn't snow again. so we decided to stuff him in the snow suit to capture this "magical moment". funny thing, the outfit makes him look like a little chunk...it's too cute. so we got him stuffed in his suit and went into our backyard and let him be a little free bird in the snow - and he LOVED it.
he was squeeling with delight.

so without any further a'do...

snow 1

snow 4

snow 6

snow 3

snow 5

snow 2

snow 7
indeed it was magical and sweet.

yay for the snow, and yay for brody loving it. but we are now seriously ready for spring...so move on over winter...and let's welcome in spring!

brody fans...

alright you brody fans...here are some much requested photos of the doodle bear doing his daily things...


playing with all his toys which now we refer to as "brody land" he has officially taken over the front room and we wouldn't have it any other way.


hanging out in his johnny-jummper before bed...it's always nice to have something to nibble on as well.
it's a multi-task sorta thing.


playing with his table of entertainment learning 123's...and abc's.... good times....good times.


hanging out in dad's office at school, because i'm cool like that.


hanging out with the coolest mom ever.


singing songs and clapping hands.


i like to chew on straws when we go out to eat. i mean really there's nothing like a yummy straw to chew on. mmm.


ta-dah...doing tricks with my papa bear.


just hanging out taking a quick family pic.


i'm cute.


i let my mom put bunny ears on me at Target and i am cool with that, because i am adorable. i mean, somebody's gotta be...so it might as well be me.


just playing.


and last but not least....there's nothing better than waking up from a nap (note crazy hair)...than to go get on my car with my bear claw slippers and go for a ride...which i LOVE.

i hope you've enjoyed ...
until next time...
hugs and kisses,
the brody bear

9 month check-up

9m 3

9m 1

9m 2

9m 4

the brody bear had his 9 month check-up and he is doing great! he's strong and healthy, he's growing and developing the way he needs to and is suppose to. we couldn't be more happy and grateful for such a super amazing little guy.

his 9 months stats:

weight: 21 pounds 13 ounces (75 percentile)
height: 30 inches (95 percentile)