Sunday, January 31, 2010


on thursday night, tyson and i were watching brody in the video baby monitor and brody was just laying on his back clapping his hands and well since then, yes all 3 days, he's been clapping all about and he's so proud of himself. we are pretty proud too. but more importantly we think it's stink'in cute. here's a little video showing off his new skills.
{ p.s. don't mind my creepy laugh in the back ground. }


my little love

he turend 8 months old yesterday!

we love this little guy oh so much!

he's a speedy little crawler.

he's standing himself up against everything.

he has 8 little teethies....yes 8.

he's persistant!

he flaps his arms in excitement.

he loves going outside, even if it's freezing.

he loves ice cream.

he loves doing tricks with his papa bear.

he's a little jibber jabber talker and it's so cute.

he loves picking up cherrios and eating them (thanks to aunt kally).

he loves cuddling while reading books.

he loves it when i crawl around with him and chase him all around.

he loves it when we hold his little paws and walk around with him.

we finally found a spot on him that's ticklish, it's right on his knee cap. ha. he gives some awesome giggles.

he's in love with Talyor Swift - anytime he gets a little cranky in the car, i just turn her on and bam he's totally content. it's hilarious. (thank you talyor swift). ha.

he's got one spunky, fun loving personality and we can't get enough of him.

he claps his hands. it's darling!

brody, you make me soooo happy.

i love u.

Monday, January 25, 2010


my b1

my b2

my b3

Thursday, January 21, 2010


brody bear on the plane
On december 11th we took off from Columbus to head home to Portland for Christmas break. Brody was a little gem and a little charmer with everyone on the plane. he got lots of kuddos from people saying he was the best little travler. indeed he is!
the beach
my brother and his wifey own timeshares and we were able to go out to the coast to spend a weekend for my mom's birthday. we had so much fun and brody loved going out onto the beach.
mommers bday
for my mommer's birthday - we went out to dinner then went back to the resort for cake and presents.
the beach 2
for my mom's birthday dinner we bundled up and walked over to our favorite resurant "Doogers" and hello! this is definitely note worthy that the brody bear sat in a high chair for the very first time at my mom's birthday dinner. and he loved it!
christmas baking
we baked some seriously yummy christmas goodies while at home. and the b bear was our master taste tester. he thought everything tasted mighty good!
fun times
other events to mention... first off...we went on a couple of walks and you so know that brody fell asleep everytime. second...we got to hangout with our friends the Curtis's and had a fun filled night of treats, games and lots of talking, well the talking was done by erin and i and the boys played video games. it was a blast! thrid...we had a "date night" planned with tyson's sister amy and her hubby eric, well lo' and behold we got slammed with snow the evening of our outting, we were planning on meeting down town and tyson and i thought we could make it to the max station to ride max into to the city, but we got stuck and tyson had to get out and push us and i had to keep driving so tyson ended up having to meet me about a mile away at Thriftway. it was fun it was snowing, and we were able to help other cars that were sliding all about, but it was super sad that we never made it down town to have our date with amy and eric. next time for sure!! and shot of tyson standing in line getting us "chicken and rice". yes that's right, the best chicken and rice ever! there is a vendor on NW 23rd and we went there a ton while we were home and ate up lots of chicken and rice. so good, i just had to document it!
voo doo doughnuts
we were lucky one night and my brother ran out and went and got us VOO DOO DOUGHNUTS! Yum! of course i had my lovely voo doo doll filled with rasberry goodness and tyson had his maple bacon bar. yummm!
playful brody
it is true that my kid is ADORABLE! brody had such a great time staying at grandma and grandpa nicholes house. and he crawled every where which was so fun to everyone to see!
7 months and laundry room
while in oregon we celebrated brody's 7 month birthday! and random but had to add this in, that brody had some love obession with my mom's laundry room, he loved crawling around in there and loved the dryer and he loved the vaccum. actually i think he just really loves vaccum's because he loves it when i use it here at home too. but yes, those two things together he was in heaven. he cracks me up!
brody and friends
we were lucky to be able to see some of my really great friends (jocelyn, erin and tiffany) while at home and brody got some love from all these beautiful ladies!
lunch with friends
i also got to get together with my friends erin and jenn for lunch. it was so fun to catch up and just have a girl luncheon.
family with brody
awe the family love! brody loves grandma and grandpa nicholes and he though uncle jeremy was hilarious! aunt naomi loved playing with brody and i know he loved all the attention. but what he LOVED more than ANYTHING was his cousin HAYDEN! He was fasinated by Hayden, he loves him so much and sadly Hayden wanted nothing to do with Brody. haha. but that didn't stop brody from following him around and trying to play with him. it was so cute! the last night we were there we were able to get the two of them to hug and Hayden was able to say "hi brody". so cute!!
new years eve

for new years eve we kicked it at home and celebrated it on our "east coast time" which was lovely. we are lots of yummy treats and watched the count down on t.v. and packed. our trip to OREGON was amazing and we were so gald we got to go. we had so much fun being able to be with family and also see friends, and we are sorry for those we didn't get to see and hopefully we can see you next time. our travels back home to columbus went great, but we were very happy to be off the plane and be home. we were sad to have traveled during the Rose Bowl game while our Buckeyes BEAT the Oregon Ducks. HA! Sorry you DUCK fans! SUCKAS we beat you! haha! So all you trash talking Buckeye haters, bow down because we beat you! And that's all I have to say about that! :) anywho's christmas is over....yes way over...the new year has begun and i can finally get caught up on all my blogging. so 2009 was AMAZING loved everyminute of it - but I am sooooo excited for 2010 and everything it has to offer until next time...this is....
the end of this post!