Monday, November 30, 2009

my baby @ half a year:

six 2

this bundle of love is the best thing ever! i tell ya, it's pure bliss. and can you believe that the brody bear is 6 months old today! how exciting! i love these pictures I took of him, they totally show his sweetness and personality and those eyes and cheeks are TO DIE FOR! we are in love with every inch of him and we are trying to savor each day. i can't belive it's been 6 whole months. we've truly loved every minute.





he's got his two bottom teeth in, he's been sitting up and learning to crawl. we are in awe as we watch him learn and grow. this kid has been an adventure baby from day one.
L-O-V-E him!
Happy Birthday Brody!

Thursday, November 26, 2009



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

be grateful...

"our realization of what is most important in life goes hand in hand with gratitude for our blessings. - Thomas S. Monson

{my list: husband. brody. family. friends. love. faith. food. financial security. home. freedom. health. clothes. travel. prayer. happy people. education. beauty. knowledge. music. creativity. simplicity. hard workers. laughter. hugs. ice cream. just to name a few...}

I said Brrrrrr....

winter 1

winter 3

winter 2
winter is approaching and we are getting ready...we've been trying on some 'winter gear' for the brody bear to see what looks best. he's look'in good - don't ya think?

Monday, November 16, 2009

great weekend...

walking at the park 1
we kicked off our great weekend - by picking up Tyson from school on friday and going to the park to play. Brody loves sitting up in the stroller - he just kicks back and enjoys the ride.
walking at the park 2
we played on the swings which he loves. we also stopped off at Jeni's ice cream for a tasty treat. and you know, no outting would be complete without a cat nap.
date night
we had our date night friday night and we went to 'Ted Montana's' in the Arena District down town. They are known for having "Bison" - so we thought it might be fun to try. Weird that it was our first time trying 'bison', when we lived in 'bison country' living so close to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole WY. we never tried it. So of course we wait till we are in Ohio to step out of the box and try something new.We both got a "bison" burger and we will both tell you that is the LAST time we will ever do that. We ate our burgers and I can say that if I hadn't of had a load of ketchup, there is no way I could have finished. Whatever! I am now a vegetarian after that meal. We came home to see the Brody Bear all snuggled up with Katie. Once he finds a snuggle buddy - he's out! Please note his fur blanket that he would die without.
cookies and playing
once he woke up - he had a bath and ate some good rice cereal 'yum' and then it was time to play! we made the best cookies ever - seriously the best! and then we played played played till we tuckered the little guy out for bed.
osu game day 1
saturday was COLLEGE FOOTBALL Game Day for us. And we were super excited for our last home game against IOWA. We didn't get season tickets this year - but that didn't stop us from walking over to campus and enjoying the game. The game is playing EVERYWHERE you go. Even outside the stadium they have huge screens set up with the game playing so you can still watch it. It's great! Even though it has been nice this season to just stay at home and watch the games from the comfort of our couch.
osu game day 2
we went over to the stadium and took some pictures and walked around and watched the game.
stadium cake
The Horseshoe Stadium Cake!! Oh my. I can truly say this cake is the BOMB. There are these ladies who get together every year and make the OSU Horseshoe Stadium. It's SO GOOD! Last year we had the cake, I had eaten a box of saltine crackers because I was prego sick and that's all I could keep down. As we were heading home last year we saw them giving out cake - oh yeah I ate like 5 pieces. ha. It was delish! However, this time around we got to see the entire cake before it was cut up. They don't cut the cake until the game is over and when we saw the cake we were only in the 3rd quarter. so we didnt eat any cake this time. sad. pretty sure I complained all the way home the whole half a mile. ha. that i was sad we didnt wait around for cake.
osu game day 3
brody was also given the "cutest baby" award. pretty sure he was told he was "super cute" by a bazillion people...yes, i said bazillion. everyone also loved his hair. what a little stud muffin. we watched the game on the big screen until the 4th quarter started and then we headed home and finished watching the game at home. We of course WON. It was a close one!! We are now offically the BIG TEN CHAMPS and we are headed to the ROSE BOWL!
This is us last our FRONT ROW season seats. Awe those were great tickets. good times. good times! It's great to be a BUCKEYE! What a great weekend!
the end.


love love love.

Friday, November 13, 2009


i feel so blessed to have this little buddy by my side all day long. every day is awesome.i feel really lucky. i also feel really lucky that i've been able to so easily transition into the adjustments in life that motherhood brings. brody is such an angel. sometimes while he is napping, i lay down next to him and just stare and stare. i think how amazing it is that i grew him in my belly and that he is here now. i think how amazingly perfect his little healthy body is. i think of what everyone in the entire world is doing at that moment while i am here soaking up these fleeting moments with my baby. i feel like this is what it's all about. i feel close to his soul when i remind myself that this is my divine calling. it really becomes your identity. then there is always my 'to do list' that never really gets done because i have no concept of time when i am with brody, i try and soak up every moment we have together. on the other hand, i feel busy, happy, and accomplished at the end of the day. we get out of the house everyday because brody is such an adventure baby, always on the go. he loves it when we are out and about. he loves checking out his new surroundings and discovering this great big world. tyson and i always wonder what sort of things he will be in to and excited about. sometimes it's hard as parents not to think about the kind of world he will grow up in and all that he will have to face in this lifetime. but we are so happy to take on the challange of having the responsibility to teach him all that he needs to know. we want him to be happy and find joy in life. speaking of joy,listening to him laugh is the best sound i've ever heard. ever. we are loving this time of life and counting our many, many blessings. now, if only we could push pause...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i love you more today than yesterday ...

corner 3

corner 6

corner 2

corner 4

corner 5

corner 1

but not as much as tomorrow.

Just for you Tyson...


This blog is going to be made into a book...I am sure many books will be made from this while I am at it - it must be documented that Tyson is Ridiculously Awesome! Who could ask for anything more?
He is gentle, kind hearted and have I mentioned He is FUNNY!

tyson i love u.

We did the MASH...we did the Monster MASH...

Halloween this year was a week of dressing up and going to parties! Halloween was seriously so fun this year! The last party we went to, was on Halloween. We got together with a bunch of Tyson's classmates who were throwing a party and we had a Spooktacular time!

*So side note: a few weeks before Halloween, Tyson and some of his classmates got together to decide what everyone should dress up as for the Halloween party. So they got on and hit the 'random search button' and whatever came up on the search, was what someone had to be. When it came to Tyson's turn, he was elated to be informed that he was going to have to be a "Wrestler". And pretty sure that's all he talked about for the last two weeks before Halloween. That he was going to be a wrestler. Some people came as 'what they were picked out to be' and other just dressed how they wanted. Like me for instants.

Anywhos, a good time was had by all - we talked, ate lots of really yummy food and took tons of pictures! We were kinda burnt out with the picture taking. Poor Brody probably had his picture taken like a 1,000 times! Such a trooper. Love him!
Anywhos...without further a'do...

halloween 3
A very proud Tyson in his coustume. Yes, I made his snazzy wrestlers belt and cape. Everyone loved his costume. Especially him. Pretty sure he went around telling people his wrestler name was Tombstone Tyson. haha. Tyson cracks me up!
He's so great!!!

halloween 4
Our cute little family. I was a Zoo Keeper and Brody was my little Monkey.
He loved his costume too!
Everyone else dressed up's what we had...

halloween 1
we had "Bear Grylls" being photographed by the paparazi
we had mother nature and... disco man
we also had...

halloween 2
who's a fraid of the big bad wolf? and little red riding hood
we had a "randon distribution" and a helicopter
we had two of biggest most baddest sherrifs in town
and of course we had the "cold war" and a cute black cat

halloween 5
We also had a dinosaur show up, along with a couple of vampires. Not everyone got pictured in the group shot, but we still had to document our good time. I love Tyson's classmates - they are so much fun - and we were glad we got to party it up with them.

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween like we did!