Tuesday, November 30, 2010

18 months.


Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.
-Dr. Seuss

i love you forever my brody bear

Thursday, November 25, 2010

giving thanks


Happy Thanksgiving

we had a great thanksgiving! we started the morning off with a tasty breakfast and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade, which brody LOVED, later in the day we headed over to our friends house where we enjoyed a wonderful super yummy dinner and ate with 14 friends, now that's something to give thanks too!

and we definitely had time to reflect on everything we are so blessed and thankful for! it's such a blessing to be where we are at this time in our lives! we are so grateful for FRIENDS and FAMILY near and far! we are thankful to our parents who love us. we are so thankful for brody and for the love and joy he brings to us every single day!! and we are thankful for our little family of three. we've lived in a lot of places and we've had so many adventures, but one things for sure, when you live far from family, you totally rely more on one another, which definitely strengthens us. and we are very grateful for our wonderful friends here in Ohio, who are like our family. we are thankful for the love our savior jesus christ offers us each and everyday. we are thankful for our testimony's of the gospel of jesus christ and that we know we are an eternal family! life is good and we feel so blessed! we are thankful!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Places Everyone...

Bats. Spiders. Candy Corn. Cobwebs. We're ready. We're set. Halloween Party here we come!

We had a great time gearing up for the halloween season. we threw a pretty fantastic Donut halloween party this year, and i am sure it will continue to be a tradition every year.

blog invite
this is the invite i designed and sent out, i also made super cute mailing labels and covered the invites with spider webs and an orange spider, so when friends opened the envelope they had to dust off the cobwebs before reading the invite. totally lame, i forgot to take a picture of what that looked like, but believe me, it was cool!

here's some of the decor...



candy corn

and some of our great friends that came...

the girls
jamie, nancy and kacie

neal brody
brody with his best bud neal

caroline and paul

elizabeth, cadie and eric

zach and alyson

kelli kendall
kelli and kendall

dan and rachael

As far as the menu went...it was pretty simple. the plan was to make some homemade donuts, but due to some other things going on, i bailed last minute and ordered donuts from one of our favorite places. ONLY...to find out when tyson came home with them, they messed up our order, so he took them back and told the people they messed up, only to bring all the donuts back home along with a gift card and giving us our money back. SWEET. kinda can't complain. but i was still pretty sad not to have 3 dozen of my most favorite pumpkin spice donuts. oh well. it was still all very very tasty!

treat table
the food table

"witches brew" aka the drinks...milk and apple cider

donuts to eat

donut yum

deadly good donuts

spider bites

krispy critters

mummy munch
mummy munch

super yummy treats and super simple...just the way we like it!

when you are at one of our parties there will always be a Pinata, in honor of the brody bear, he LOVES Pinatas! so of course we had to have one for this shin-dig!

rrrrrrr me matey!

yo ho yo ho
seeing to the fact we had no where in the house to hang the pinata, tyson bravely held it up

pinata pirate
brody's friend Kade ( aka the nasa astronaut ) getting ready for a nice hit

pretty sure we hyped all of our friends kids on enough sugar to last them till next year. but the kids LOVED it, and that makes us happy!

cute boy
my little one after eating a donut and like 4 mini tootsie pops...life is good!

another fun thing we had at our party was a PHOTO BOOTH and it was a hit! it was awesome!

photo booth
i made signs to lead everyone up to our hallway where we had the photo booth set up

i just happened to have extra curtains and a rod to hang them, it was perfect! you ask...what's behind the curtains?? well...

photo stuff
voila! i set up my mac that has a program called photo booth...i just set it up on an old chester drawers we have and filled the drawers with all sorts of fun things for everyone to put on. and i of course had instructions telling everyone what to do...the results were so great! here is just a taste of the fun...

wheeler fam




crow fam 2

crow fam 1


Thanks to all our amazing friends that came! it was seriously hands down one of the most fun parties to date! lots of good treats, great friends, good conversations and lots of spooky fun!

On another note...Having a Kid and holidays are so magical, i love it!

I wish I could just extend fall for a few more weeks (Or months. That would be fine too.) I feel almost frantic to See everything and Do everything outside before this place turns into a dark and dreary, cold world.

I just love everything about the fall! now that halloween is WAY over and done...Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays... here we come!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


On Halloween our friends the Toman's invited us over for a halloween dinner with them and our friends the Harts, and then to go trick or treating with our kiddos. yes, yes and yes!

my friend Elizabeth made a seriously yummy hallowen dinner. so good!! do you think it would be werid to start showing up to there house every sunday for dinner? just saying.


the table looked like this...


and our table settings looked like this...

table setting

and dinner was made...yes made...in this...

dinner in a pumpkin
and it was seriously the best thing ever! we had never had dinner from a pumpkin, so it was fun to try something new and to top it off, it was so yummy. my mouth is watering while i type. :)

brody looked like this...

b at the table
actually i just wanted you to see his cool skeleton outfit.

and dessert looked like this...

YUM!! Chocolatey browniey cheesecakey goodness, it was like a big hug of yumminess!

after we ate our wonderful halloween feast...we got Cade and Brody in their costumes! tyson was great and wanted to wear his bee keeper costume and i threw on my bee wings. we are very festive! *side note: for us trick or treating was thrusday night, but our friends neighborhood always has trick or treating on 'halloween', hmmm what a concept, huh?
anywhos, brody loved trick or treating again!! cade and brody were too cute walking down the side walk and holding hands. LOVE it! i also have to throw in a picture of the Toman's dog Molly, whom brody loved. she was so cute and hello, she was even dressed up! and of course we had to get a group shot at the end of the evening...sadly it's blury, but i don't care.

c and e

trick or treat

holding hands

the 3 of us


us and the hartz

all of us

it was such a great evening! Thanks Toman's and Harts for a fun halloween night!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

candy corn overload...

holy moly! we are here. and once again i check my blog daily to see if someone else got on and blogged for me. ha. no such luck...but no worries...i am back by popular demand, plus i have super rad pictures and adventures to share...so let's get started!

i think i am officially over my candy corn overload and the sugar is starting to wear off...so we are doing good here at Chateau Crowther!

during our week of festivities of halloween goodness, we had our ward halloween party at church. and it was AWESOME. no other word can descibe it. i don't mean to brag or anything...oh wait, yes i do. we have some super rad friends here in Ohio and how super rad are our friends that dress up! seriously...nothing tops this costume party!

first off...here we are ready to head on over to the par-tay! we weren't totally dressed, but prepared...

ready to go

and here we are all ready...

we are here
a Bear...a Bee...and a Bee Keeper

but, let me just share with you the awesomeness that is our friends...

becca and jacob
a basketball player and the basketball hoop. my friend becca won the award for 'best use of body'. don't be fooled by the basketball...she's prego. ;)

But Petah how do we get to Neverland???

alyson, zach, beckham
duh na na na-duh na na na...BATMAN! along with his side kick Robin and don't forget Cat Women...meow!

sushi anyone?

hey i know these people!

ketchup - check! mustard - check! hotdog- check!

grrr a tiger and Superman...but wait, where's Waldo?

elizabeth, kade, eric
A beautiful princess...a fierce fire breathing dragon and the Black Knigth

steph and dave
super hero's...love steph's face!

britney and brett
DOG the Bounty Hunter...Oh yeah! along with a German Dude

whit, bart, krista
a cat, and Super Ohio State Fan, and a cute bunny

whitney and devon
bank robbers

tricia and jon
double rainbow...from youtube

angie and scottie

dan and rachael
mmm i think a sundae and fries sounds good :)

kristen and steven
My Fair Lady and a Scotsman

buzz dora digeo
Dora and Diego's bodyguard... BUZZ...To Infinity and Beyond

how cool, right? i love these friends!!! how creative was everyone? seriously, the best! and i'm sad i didn't even get pictures of everyone. oh well.

here are a few more pictures that were blog worthy...

lion tiger bear

kelli and jen
my friend Kelli and i...Kelli was an impromptu Candy Corn

b and dad
brody and tyson...brody loved that balloon

b and dad 2
brody's face is just priceless, he was having such a great time!

and here is the brody bear by the end, playing with the sticks from the fishing pond. pretty sure he is without a doubt the cutest bear ever! quite fitting if you ask me!

what a great party! trick or treating, good food, great friends...doesn't get better than that!

stay tuned for another post tomorrow! until then...