Saturday, August 14, 2010

we've been friends for a long time now...

In 6 years we've learned a lot about each other. i know how to push his buttons and he knows not to push mine. ha! we've done lots, i mean lots in 6 years and many adventures and memories have been made. i love being able to look back and see how it all began and see how far we've come. when i think back to may of 2004, i didn't even know tyson existed until sunday may 16th, the evening he came into my apartment. funny part is, if you had of told me that night that less then 3 months later i would be married to him,
i would have laughed and said 'wanna bet'.
awe the joys of pure love. i'm sure glad he came to my apartment.


although we had been "good friends" for a solid 3 days prior to this photo,
this definitely marks the beginning of it all for us as a team.
and man, we know how to pick a good team!

we have done a lot together since this photo was taken:

dated for like a week and half.
said i love you.
you proposed.
i said yes.
we we're apart for a month and a half.
we got married.
honeymooned at the oregon coast, but it was suppose to be Mexico.
lived in idaho and we went to school.
stayed up late helping me with art projects.
trips to jackson and yellowstone.
late nights/sleepovers at your sisters house.
3 summers of selling pest control (california, new mexico, and texas)
your first trip to Disneyland.
i graduated.
we went to NYC.
you graduated.
we moved to oregon.
worked and worked.
played and played.
applied to graduate schools.
got accepted to all but one.
had to make a hard choice.
picked Ohio State.
we cruised with best friends to the Bahamas.
had to say goodbyes.
over came challenges.
moved to Ohio.
started graduate school.
got pregnant.
took trips to see friends in Philly, St.Louis and Kentucky.
saw family in oregon and omaha.
had a baby boy.
received a Masters Degree while on your way to your PhD
...and everything in between!!!

just imagine the list when we've been together 50 years!

i love you.
happy anniversary.
6 years!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Summa Time...

hi. we are totally alive! oh my gosh were you so tired of looking at that baby shower post? i know i was. seesh! i get on my blog almost daily, just kinda hope'in the blog fairy magically blogged for me and blogged all about what we've been up to and posted lots of cool pictures. but no. well friends no's time to get back on track again. we've been on the go go go and having lots of fun.


just a couple of weekends ago, Columbus had there annual Jazz and Rib Fest. We were super stoked to go try out some yummy BBQ. We met up with some of our fabulous friends Kelli and Neil.

We all got BBQ Ribs from different BBQ booths. I had never been to a Rib Fest before and I thought it was so cool how every BBQ booth had all there trophy's set up showing off all there winnings. all of our BBQ was tasty.

rib fest 1

rib fest 2

tyson eating some yummy ribs!

One thing that was not cool, was the weather! it was 105 with 100% humidity. it was killer. luckily we found a nice table to sit at by the water front and there just so happened to be fountains that brody played in while we ate.

rib fest 3

happy to be at Rib Fest

rib fest 4

and hello! what's an outing without a group shot. a cop sitting on a horse took this picture - we actually had no idea he even took it. so it turned out better than expected.

rib fest 5

this is how Kelli and I felt when we decided it was time to head to the cars and get in the air conditioning!

rib fest 6

did i mention it was HOT? no really, i don't think you understand. it was like inferno hot. good thing we froze water bottles and kept pouring the cold melting water on brody. he loved it. and hello! what kinda of parents would be if we didn't stop by the park and swing on the swings before we got to the car. honestly! we rock. and brody played for like 15 minutes, till we were all ready to get in the car.

so that was Rib Fest 2010. hooray for a fun evening of family, friends and yummy food!!!
stay tuned for most post...