Tuesday, May 31, 2011

this is how two year olds party...

what could be more fun than having a SUPER HERO party when you are TWO?
(okay, so brody was not officially 2, before his party. we did his party early, but boy howdy we celebrated!)

this is how it all went down...

here's the invite i designed...



my attempt at making brody his super hero cape!


and everyone was greeted at the door...


we decided to keep it simple and just have a fun BBQ with friends, so the food and drinks went a little something like this...

super dad








and all the kiddos played and brody ran all around! he was loving it all, especially being outside playing! he did not want his picture taken. can you tell? he's like, hello mom, there is not enough time for pictures...we need to PLAY! :)

play time

and while all the kids played...the grown-ups played a nice game of Rock-Paper-Scissors....and everytime someone won, they'd get a "stratch it card" that i made, and some lucky winners won a prize. this was definitely awesome!





and probably my most favorite picture out of ALL the MANY pictures that were taken was this one of brody and our friend Rachael. Brody "pound'in it" with Rachael. too cute!


and of course a group shot...i always forget to take a group shot...so atleast before everyone left i got one. we are missing quite a few friends....but nonetheless we got a shot! :)


thanks to all our SUPER friends who made this party so special!

Monday, May 30, 2011

brody turns 2!

my baby turned 2 today!

he got lucky and got one of his gifts when he came downstairs this morning...

he's in love with it!


after a test drive on "buzz" as he calls it...

we took advantage of the warm 95 degree weather and went to the water park Zoombezi Bay! Brody loved every minute of it!



for his birthday theme we went with THOMAS the TRAIN! Brody loves Thomas aka "CHOO". it was a big hit!

of course there were pom-poms and bunting banners! always a must!


i also made a big banner that had these signs hanging on them...


Brody is 2! we are still working on the fingers, but this is him holding up "2".


brody had a super yummy dinner and of course his two favorites kelli and neal joined us for dinner and birthday cake!


a THOMAS the TRAIN theme...calls for a THOMAS CAKE!



mmmmmm delish! he LOVES frosting! just like his mom!!


best friends...


a tired little bear who had a very great day!!!


happy happy birthday!
we love you more than anything!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MY tiny tumbler...

brody did another 9 week session of 'tiny tumblers' and last friday was his last class. he did a a winter session and loved it. so i figured why not do the spring too! he love, love, LOVED it. nothing better than being able to roll around, jump, run, swing and play!






oh my little monkey! it's so much fun to see you learning and being adventerous. you are so strong and so brave! i love being able to do such fun things with you! i love you!

circus fun:

so back on friday the 13th, while i went out to dinner with some girlfriends, tyson took brody on a little man-date to the Circus! The two of them had sooo much fun watching all the acts, laughing and clapping, eating lots of yummy popcorn and red vines! brody was in heaven and loved it!! brody especially loved the elephants! these two had a great time together!

circus 1

circus 2

circus 3

Monday, May 16, 2011

Party Time...

super brody
more to come from Brody's 2nd Birthday Party.
i was busy being hostess.
so between tyson and i tryng to get some shots, we ended up with quite a few pics.
once i go through all of them i will post.
thanks for all who came and made it so special.


Pictures on the Run...

dare i say that the past couple of weeks have been nice outside? yeah, up until yesterday afternoon when the temperatures dropped and it's been rainy and cold. but up until then spring was here almost summer like! it was lovey. and every morning brody and i have been getting up and going for a run. pure bliss i tell you! he loves it. i love it. doesn't get any better than that.

so last Thursday was a particularly nice morning, so i thought i would take my camera along and take some pictures on the run. i LOVE running in my neighborhood and in Columbus for that matter. we've lived in a lot of places and Columbus is by far my favorite place to run. so a few of the pictures i took while in the midst of running and the rest i actually took after we ran and we did a cool down walk. nonetheless it was fun to capture pictures of all the fun things we see...

so without further ado'...

pictures on the run!

run 1
(getting ready to go)

run 2
(dandelions are a must! this kid is obsessed with them)

run 3
(hello shadows)

run 4
(my neighborhood has lots of little churches all around. i love the red doors and the ship above the doors... the ship above the doors makes me think of Invictus -"I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.")

run 5
(afri:cola) click on the link to learn more.

run 6
(many of the streets where we live are orignal cobble stone. i love the cobble stone roads they just seem so historic)

run 7
(hello kitty. pretty sure brody was in heaven. he LOVES cats. this cat was nice enough to jump up and say hello. brody loved every second!)

run 8
(love me some flip flops! it was HOT on thursday. like 90 degress 100% humidity)

run 9
(big huge bushes line a whole street with these pretty flowers)

run 10
(this is the epitome of living right next to campus. pizza places EVERYWHERE. once we counted that we had over 20 pizza places within .25 mile of our house. it just so happens that this x-large pizza for 6.25 is actually really good and during the week it's only $5.75, yes we'd know! :) )

run 11

run 12

welp, there you have it. we went on a 3.5 mile run and a half mile cool down walk and we had views of all sorts of cool things.

the end.