Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Officially ONE MONTH...

* (Okay,  So I know I posted about our one month Celebration of Brody - but that was actually his "four week" celebration.)

 June 30th - Brody was officially ONE MONTH OLD! So of course we celebrated again! We just can't get enough of our cute little guy - he is just so much fun and we love him so much! 

At ONE MONTH Brody Loves...

to eat a lot
to sleep
to still try and stay up as along as possible so he doesn't miss anything
to take baths 
to be blow dried after his baths
to smile and laugh in his sleep
to have his back and head tickled 
to be bounced in his bouncy seat
to dance around with dad and mom to Jack Johnson
to lay in his crib and look at his stars on his crib bumper 
to lay on his changing table and stare out the window
to sneak in big smiles here and there while awake
to coo
and to still

I know I've said this before, but it's so true...
Parenthood has proved to be nothing short of Magical

We Love our Brody Bear

Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Month...

Today we celebrated Brody's One Month Birthday! 

(eating at our favorite restaurant "the cheesecake factory"...yummy!)

We Love You Brody.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Everything...


Without a doubt Brody and I are so Lucky to have you! 
We are truly blessed to have you in our lives!
You are the most amazing man! 
THANKS for being the 
BEST Papa Bear and BEST Husband ever!

Your Everything that makes life Unforgettable!


We Love You the Mostest to the Hostest Cupcakes...
 that's a lot

Sunday, June 14, 2009

All you need is Love...

After a fabulous 2 weeks, My Mommers had to leave to go home to Oregon.  She came to help us out the day after we got home from the Hospital and we LOVED having her here. It was so sad to see her go. My Mommers is FABULOUS! I love her so much and appreciate everything she DOES and DID for us while she was here! Thanks for taking such wonderful care of Brody and loving him up, staying up with him, changing him, feeing him, letting us sleep, making us amazing meals, cleaning up after us, staying up late with me and talking with me for hours, and going above and beyond! Your Wonderful! My Mommer's is one of my Bestest Friends, and She is the most Amazing Example to me. I hope that I can be as Great of a Mom as she is. I figure that if I can become half the mom she is, I will consider myself a success! THANKS MOMMERS for coming to help us out and getting to know Brody. 


And...THANKS to my Dadders too, for coming out and being with us for a few days! We loved that you could come to be with Brody, hangout, and do some projects around our house. We loved having you here. 


Proud Parents

*So we kinda can't help it, but our camera just happens to gravitate toward our little cutie. But seriously, can you blame us? 
Didn't think so.
This blog is pretty much becoming a 'baby blog', but I am loving it, so there isn't much I can do about it. I promise to also blog about note worthy things when they happen. But for now it looks like everything is about baby bear Brody.

At 13 days old, Brody Loves...

to eat
to sleep
to stay up so he doesn't miss anything exciting
to take baths 
t0 smile in his sleep
to have his head tickled 

Birthday Celebrations...

So, for anyone who knows us, knows that we LOVE to find any reason to celebrate! And if you didn't know that about us, well you now know. And it's true, we Love to celebrate - so of course when Brody hit his first week of life a celebration was in order. Too bad Brody slept through the whole thing, but we had enough fun for him. My Mommers made us all an amazing Birthday dinner, we talked about what a great week it had been, I cried because the first week I was and still kinda am, an emotional reck, all good emotions of course. We just feel so lucky to have this little guy. We sang Happy Birthday and ate super yummy cupcakes and then topped the celebration off with Tyson reading "On the night you were born". 
It's my favorite book! 

Week 1 

Like we'd stop at Week 1 - Celebrations will continue for a long time! So of course yesterday we hit Week 2. We are making this tradition! So another Birthday celebration was in order and more good times were had. 

Week 2

My two Loves
Happy Birthday Brody

So fun! We love our Brody Bear! Things just keep getting better and better! 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Brody Bear...

So far, Parenthood has proved to be nothing short of magical.
We are so in love with this little miracle!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

5 Days...

(going to the doctors)

Today we took Brody to the doctors for his first check-up and he is doing Great! We can hardly believe it's already been 5 days. We've seriously loved every moment - even the poopy diapers that have definitely given us some good laughs.

Here are the stats:
Weight - 9 Pounds 90% percentile 
Height - 21.25 inches 90% percentile

He is such an amazing little guy. We are definitely Lucky parents!


So, I posted about my doctors appointment that I had on Wednesday May 27Th, I was still only dilated to a 2, so my doctor said if our little guy didn't come by Sunday the 31st, then we would go to the hospital on Sunday to be induced. Well of course because there was a "plan of action", our little bear wasn't going to be told what to do - At least that's what I told Tyson Wednesday after the doctors. 

Well on Thursday morning I woke up having contractions every ten minutes along with other pre-labor signs, which was so exciting, we figured we'd be in the hospital by the end of the day, figuring that my contractions were quite uncomfortable, we were kinda hope'in my water would break. Well no such luck. I just kept having contractions all day and all night. For a while they 'd be consistent and then stop. Friday morning I called the doctors telling them about my contractions and other signs, but they said to wait and see if my water broke or wait till my contractions were 5 minutes apart for an hour, which by the way would have killed me. So I think. But anyways, once the afternoon hit on Friday my contractions just kinda simmered down. So by late Friday night, I was thinking we'd just be going to the hospital Sunday evening. Until around 3am on Saturday morning I started getting my contractions about 10 minutes apart but they were really uncomfortable and every hour after that, it just got worse. So by 6:45 am I woke up Tyson to tell him I how I was feeling and we decided to get showered and eat a little breakfast.  Around 8:00am I called the "on call doctor" and told her how I was feeling and she said to head on over to the hospital and get looked at and the hospital would call her and they would decide what to do with me. After our family prayer and a wonderful blessing from Tyson, we headed to the hospital. We got all checked in and we were sitting in an examination room by 8:45am, the nurse came in and said I was dilated to a 6, so they checked me into labor and delivery. YEA! 
Once in our room, they got my IV all hooked up, I was feeling the pain so I got my epidural which by the way went great! The entire day went by so fast and for the most part all I did was lay in bed and talk with Tyson and our awesome nurse and of course I watched a little Food Network and took a nice nap, I was tired the entire day due to being up since 3 am because of my wonderful contractions. By 1:00 in the afternoon they came in and broke my water and by 3:30 they came to give me some pitocin because I was still only at a 7/8 cm, and by 6:45 Baby Bear was totally in position to come on out, I pushed until 7:42pm when our little baby bear - became our little Brody Reese Crowther. Weighing in at 9lbs 9ounces and measuring in at 21 inches long. At first they told us he was 19 inches long and I thought no way, he has to be longer than that, so we asked them to measure him again - so yup 21 inches. He barely made a peep coming on out and has been just so sweet and mellow every since. He is without a doubt PERFECT! 
Everything went so perfectly! Tyson was so amazing making the experience even better. I love him for how amazing he is, not only is he the best husband he is an incredible daddy too.  The entire experience was wonderful. I feel so grateful and blessed. 

Just waiting

Anxious and Excited Papa Bear 

Our first family photo

So now we've been home since Monday evening and everything has been great! My Mommers came on Tuesday and it's been so wonderful to have her here. We are all doing good. Brody is the best little bear. He's a wonderful sleeper and eater and on top of it he loves to cuddle and give us lots of love. I couldn't ask for more. 

We are so grateful for all that has happened in the past week. 

THANKS to everyone for your phone calls, thoughts, prayers, gifts, meals and visiting us! 
We really appreciate everything! 

We Love You!
Tyson, Jen and Brody

*(By the way...not too sure how long it will take us to break using the word "bear" so just get use to it.)