Saturday, September 22, 2012

{ Oh baby } ::

week 25 

 so yesterday i hit 26 weeks! this picture was from last week at 25 weeks. kinda crazy to think in 3 short months, baby sister will be joining our family. to say we are excited is a total and complete under statement. we are over the moon thrilled for our little babe to join us!

 the first 23ish weeks were so incredibly hard. i was sick, nauseated all the time and just plain sick! i was sick till week 21 with brody. but with brody i seriously got to just lay around all. day. long. obviously that wasn't an option this time around. which is totally okay. i knew it would be a challenge. let's just say i prayed a lot! and prayers are answered!

 can i just tell you how lucky i am? lucky that i didn't die. ha! i joke, but seriously some days were seriously tough. zofran became my new friend. tyson is the best and i could call him a million times a day to complain and i only called once to cry to him and tell him i couldn't do this! i am beyond blessed that brody takes a 3 hour nap everyday! i am so lucky to have tons of friends and family check in on me daily to see how i am. even today i still have friends asking me how i am doing and if there is anything they can do for me/us. talk about love! 

 well so here we are at 26 weeks! we have all survived! i finally feel great again! Phew! kinda didn't think this day would ever come. i was almost...almost prepared to just be sick the entire time. 

 brody is without a doubt the best little sidekick to have by my side every single day! day in and day out! he is the BEST! there were days i would have to lay on the couch for the first few hours in the morning, he'd love up on me, cover me up, give me kisses and tell me it would be ok. he is heaven sent, i tell you! i love that little boy more than words can express. it's funny how i have to have days where i need to remind myself to have patience with him, and then i stop and think of how amazing he's been to me! how understanding and caring he's been for me on days that haven't been so great. i get the warm tingles of gratitude for how amazing he is! he is tickled with joy and excitement to be having a baby sister. he loves her so much already. he talks to her, rubs my belly, gives her kisses and soft pats, and always wants to make sure that "sister" is coming with us! no worries buddy, we have no other option! my heart seriously could explode i am so full of love and joy. for both brody and baby sister. brody says we are going to name her "Doctors". well if we can't come up with any names, boy howdy he may just get his way. perhaps we could just drop the "S" and we could have a Doctor Crowther. hardee-har har! 

 and of course we can't forget our papa bear in all of this. tyson is amazing. as always. like you were surprised? he is super husband and father! he's helped me out so much. he is so good to come home and instantly play with brody. he plans "man dates" as we like to call them, for the two of them all the time. we are oh so lucky to have multiple lunch dates a week with him and go and visit him at work. we are super lucky to get lots of daddy/hubby time! he is my life saver in more ways than one. we both sure do love him. 

pretty much i ooozing with love for my little family! man alive i love them!

 but back to being prego and baby sister... 
 baby sister is doing great and is healthy and definitely strong! pretty sure she loves working on her snow angels and tae-boe kicks. i actually really love it (most the time). she also finds is super awesomely comfortable to get her cute little feet all snugged up at the top of my ribs, yeah it's awesomely uncool! it totally pinches a nerve in my back and well yeah that's super uncool too. but man does she love that spot. good thing i am so big and squishy, right? and baby girl is no named as in a "real" name. this is going to be a tough one. brody was our "baby bear" and this one is our "baby cub" but a lot of the time we call her "baby sister". we kinda like love her a whole lot!! we've started buying lots of PINK. anything with bear ears and it's soft and furry, you can't go wrong! i secretly hope that she loves soft and furry stuff just like her big brother and momma! 

 this pregnancy has felt pretty much the same as when i was prego with brody. however, this time around i feel huge. because i am? pretty much. and i am definitely carrying her lower than with brody. and now that i finally feel good and normal again, it's about the same. with brody i didn't really have any food cravings. this time i've kinda lost my sweet tooth! talk about tragic! seeing to the fact that i am like a sugar addict, this time around salty (which i normally hate!) sounds good and lots and lots of veggies and salads. i sleep great (totally did with brody too) it's kinda crazy when i sleep she sleeps, brody did the exact same thing. and a lot of the time i nap when brody naps, so a solid 3 hour nap everyday is awesome. jealous, no? 

 so in the meantime we are just keeping busy having lots and lots of fun! and bringing baby sister along everywhere we go!