Saturday, August 23, 2008

Best Friend #2 (Tyson's #1)...

The time has come and we are leaving to head to Columbus Ohio for Grad School. So for a quick recap...While we've been in Oregon Tyson has been working for Intel and I had to the opportunity to babysit my little nephew Hayden. I started babysitting him just before he hit the 2 month mark, I was able to watch him everyday Monday-Friday. It was a JOY! We've had the best time and he's become my Best Friend #2, because we all know Tyson is my #1! We definitely bonded and we've had the best time! He's let me sing to him popcorn popping on the apricot tree more times than I can even imagine and each time he would smile and giggle, he's let me make up songs about him and he cheers me on with giggles, goo's and occasional screams of excitement as I sing to him, he's let me swing him, cuddle with him, play lots of patty-cake, roll around, watch our favorite movie Enchanted together, go on walks to feed the ducks, go to the zoo, we've gone to the beach, he'd let me hold him by the arms and we would kick around a stuffed soccer ball and he would giggle the entire time, we've read lots and lot of books and he would turn the pages for me, we've played lot of pee-a-boo...and that's just a start at naming some of the fun things we've done in the past 6 months. I've been able to watch him grow and he's almost 9 months old (next month). He's cried maybe 3 times for either being hungry or tired. He's is the most happy, loving, sweet adorable baby, and I LOVE him! Tonight I had to say good bye to My little Hayden Bear, Bug, Monkey. Yes, many names have been given and said and in so many different orders. My heart is so full of love for my little best friend. I will still get to see him via computer and at Christmas, but it's still really hard and sad. I had prepared myself that going into this, it was going to be hard, but it was even harder than I thought. Tears filled my eyes as I had to say my last good bye giving him lots of hugs and kisses. I am going to miss him so much. I know the same if for Tyson - Hayden loves Tyson and Tyson loves him. The two of them have bonded as well. It was sad all around to say good bye. But in the end only more goods things are to come and that is an exciting thing to know! I love my little buggy bear and I am excited for the next time I get to see him, hopefully he will be walking!!! So in the end, it isn't really good's more of a See You Later!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

4 Years!

Dear Marriage,

Thank you for being so good to us these past 4 years. We can't even remember life before you. We've enjoyed every adventure we've had so far, and hope for many more years of life adventures with you. Thanks for showing us how to find the simple joys in life. Thank you for teaching us that true love means unconditional love. We've enjoyed every minute we've had together. Most of all, thanks for being our solid foundation in a world so confused on the definition of you.


Tyson and Jen

Also for your viewing pleasure... (thanks to my brother Jeremy)...
a look down memory lane... Make sure to have your volume up and on...
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I'm The Luckiest Man Alive

It has been four years since Jen and I were married in the Portland, OR temple. The past four years have been the best years of my life and I know this next year will be even better because I have her with me to tackle it. I truly am the luckiest man in the world to have a wife as amazing as Jen. She makes everything shine in my life. Whenever I am having a hard day, I only need to find her and hug her and my troubles literally seem to melt away. She is more amazing and beautiful everyday. She is my best friend and I love her with all my heart. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JEN!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What a Race!

Watching the Men's 4x100 Freestlye Relay race was Amazing! It was United States vs. France and United States came in and took it for the winning! It was so close, so intense - this is why watching the Olympics is so great! GO U.S.A!
picuture {via:NBC}

Sunday, August 10, 2008


We have two new babies in our family!
Introducing - Taya Michelle Crowther
{Born} August 9Th 2008
{Weight} 8 pounds 3 ounces
{Height} 21 inches
Congrats Tanner and Michelle! You guys will make the BEST parents! We Love You!
Introducing - Cooper Quinten Brown
{Born} July 17Th 2008
{Weight} 9 pounds 12 ounces
{Height} 21 inches
Congrats to the proud parents Mandy and Judd and also a congrats to big sisters Morgan and Madison and big brothers Harmon and Houston! What a great addition to your family!
We Love You!
We are so happy for both families and we are very happy to be Aunt and Uncle to these cuties! We love you all and can't wait to meet Taya and Cooper!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lucky Me!

I have such an AMAZING husband! When I was coming back from my weekend in Utah - Tyson was going to pick me up at the airport. The plan was to get off the plane and he'd pick me up outside of baggage claim. I called him when I landed and he said he was just about to get to the airport - so I said I'd see him in a few minutes outside. As I was walking out past security, who do I see? That's right - my super cute husband standing there waiting for me with roses! It was such a great surprise, and surprised I was! It was such a wonderful treat!
I love you Hunny!

Shakespeare Festival...

I was able to go to The Shakespeare Festival at Cedar City with my good friend Erin Curtis. We had the best time and it was even more fun than I imagined it would be! We saw two Shakespeare productions, The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Othello, and a third show called Cyrano de Bergerac. All the productions were amazing. We had such a great weekend - talking lots, eating yummy food and enjoying our Shakespearean weekend. We are already planning to go back in 2009. We hope even more friends will join us and multiply the fun! Thanks Erin for a wonderful weekend!

Nieces and Nephews...

We've been really busy lately, but we've been having a great time. We were in Idaho a few weeks ago and we were lucky enough to be with all of Tyson's sisters and all there kids. It was SO much fun. I love all my nieces and nephews! They are so much fun to be around and they are always full of personality and spunk. Nothing gets better than family - but for sure the kids make things even sweeter.