Monday, March 28, 2011

menu of the week...


this is what we are eating for dinner this week!

cheesy chicken and wild rice casserole - will serve with steamed broccoli and asparagus and blueberry muffins.

breakfast sandwiches - we will just fry up some eggs and put them on whole wheat english muffins, add some thin slices honey ham and a slice of cheese. and it may sound really weird, but we also put grape jelly on our english muffins. its the bomb! we will also have some hash browns and fresh fruit.

capresa sandwiches with garlic basil mayo - along side we will have chips, apple slices and baby carrots.

pear pecan salads - i will buy as always a rotisserie chicken and add it to the salad and i will just serve some rolls. simply and tasty good!

and as always you can check out more menu's of the week right

happy happy cooking!!

blooms and butterflies...

last week we headed over to the Columbus Franklin Park and Conservatory for the 'blooms and butterflies' exhibit, in the month of march in one of there indoor botanical garden areas they release butterfiles all over and it's really cool. it was our very first time going and we were very happy we went and checked it out.

we went on one of the days where they were actually releasing more butterflies which we thought was going to be really fun to see, but it was actually kinda lame, well to us it was. a lady came in with two big clear bins that had lots of butterflies inside, but instead of just opening up the bins and letting them go, she took each butterfly out one by one and explained a little something about each butterfly. the first like 25 were cool, but then it was dragging on, so we walked around some more and then bounced on out. it was still totally worth seeing all the beautiful plants, flowers and hundreds of butterflies.

and of course without fail i have a palethora of pictures.

here's a taste of what we enjoyed...

015 018 029 059 033 044 045 040

brody loved this bird. as you can tell brody's like, 'hi bird, here eat my finger'. awe-some!

one of our favorite gardens was the 'palms'. so so pretty. made us wish we were somewhere WARM and tropical!


some of the palm trees were huge - this one in particular was giant, the picture doesnt do it justice.


you can tell how big this palm was.

LOVED the orange trees! they reminded me of when tyson and i lived in California and how they were in everyone's back yards. i want an orange tree!

also loved the little pinapple plants!

there was also lots of different pieces of blown glass in a bunch of the differentgardens. it was beautiful!
046 079

and then there were the butterflies...
073 083 089 093 098 110 101 103 106

see the butterfly in this one...oh, poor poor butterfly. just as we were putting the butterfly on brody's finger. brody decided it was just easier to snatch it in his hand and proceed to smash the crap out of it. Opps! we were able to get him to let go and release it, poor little fella fluttered to the ground. not gonna lie, it was sad, but we were totally laughing. but with the next one he did much better! :)
107 119 132 129 036

and that's the end of our time at the 'blooms and butterflies'. i'd defintely go back next year, but won't worry about going on a day when they "relase" the butterflies. it really is nice though to live pretty much down the street from the city and be surrounded by such awesome parks and gardens.

the end.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

attention class...

one of brody's favorite things to do in tyson's office... 010 011 012

nothing beats the chalk board. i love that the simple things in life bring so much joy! this kid is getting pretty good at writing aka scribbling/drawing all over the board, soon he'll be leaving up homework assignments. :) love this kid!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

menu of the week...

foodie 3

okay, so spring break is in full swing here at chateau crowther! it will be a chill week while tyson is home, because he is also studying for a HUGE test that he takes next week. but we will still take advantage of having him home, so dinners are easy easy easy this week!

this is what we are eating for dinner this week...

blackend chicken alfredo - served with garlic bread and salad

quesadillas - we like to use colby and monterey jack cheese. melted between two tortillas. then we top our quesadillas with shredded lettuce, tomato, corn, black beans, sour cream and we will also use the left over
bbq cilantro lime dressing for dipping, from last weeks salads. oh so good! i will make fruit skewers to have along side. i will use, oranges, blue berries, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, raspberries and cantaloupe. it's always more fun eating off a stick, right? ok, well for brody it is! :)

chicken skewers with peanut sauce - i've made this recipe a ton of times. i actually have it memorized. :) i made it for the first time when we lived in Houston Texas for the summer and tyson was selling pest control. that was over 4 years ago!! so yeah, we must like it, because i've been making it ever since! served with brown rice and a side of steamed asparagus.

cuban sandwiches - and seeing that we aren't going anywhere for spring break, i figured we'd bring back some memories, of like when we went to Miami and went to little cuba aka little havana and experienced a true cuban. it didn't disappoint! so i'm going try this recipe out! i hope it's just as good! we will have chips, baked beans and fruit skewers. :)

and as always...if you want to check out more menu's of the week...go

happy spring and happy cooking! :)

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


st. p day 1

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

we make the world go round.

i can't believe that march is already half way over! seriously where did it go?

life just kind of moves on, ya know? we make the world go round, doing our normal routine.

we finished up brody's 'sporty for shorties' class and his 'tiny tumblers' gymnastics class. yup you read that right. for the past 9 weeks, on thursdays we had the sporties and on fridays we had gymnastics and it was so much fun! brody LOVED both this classes and had the best time!
sporties really was a blast. brody learned, hockey, soccer, golf, track, basketball, football. tyson was able to come a few times too, which was even double the fun. these are pictures from last week from our last classes. brody LOVES basketball.





brody's gymnastics class was awesome! for me the best part was always at the beginning of the class was when all the kids got a carpet square to sit on and then we'd help them stretch, it was so cute! it was always hard to get a picture of brody durning gymnastics, because he was ALWAYS running or jumping. but this picture on the balance beam is great.


the weather in march definitely has it's ups and downs here in ohio. we've been teased with a day of 60 degree and the next 4 inches of snow. ugh! wind, rain and flooding. but when it has been sunny, we've taken full advantage. good news!! - there are signs of spring and that makes me giddy!!!!

when it's been sunny outside but still chilly, i always put brody's bear suit on, because it keeps him toasty. plus, he likes it!

playing at the park on the jungle gym

down in the 'short north' at our favorite rooster.

awe, our first sighting of spring!!! hooray!!

some other random pictures...


getting cheezzzz'd

making brody a 'B' pancake

one day were were waiting for tyson to get out of class, and outside of the building tyson has class in, there are these chalk board walls that you can draw all over. they are really cool. brody just happened to find a piece of chalk so he decided to leave his mark of art!

playing with the train set at barnes and noble

brody brushing his teeth. he loves it.

my little love.

in other news...brody and i go and see tyson on campus often. we go walk around target and go to the science muesum. we have play dates with friends. we play with the train set at barnes and noble and we always go to lunch with tyson on mwf's. we read books and play with balls and cars. brody brushes his teeth 10 times a day. we work on not having meltdowns- thanks goodness they are far and few between, we pretend we are climbing mt. everest (the stairs). brody and tyson have man-dates weekly. brody goes swimming with tyson while i run. we sing songs like 'sleepy bunny' 200 times a day. we all ride the elevator up and down at the gym. we color. we make smoothies and cuddle. teaching brody not to scream. we go to the grocrey store so brody can ride in the shopping cart that looks like a car. brody rides on my back and i crawl around the family room. tyson takes brody to the park to shoot hoops and i make dinner. we watch thomas the train. life is so FUN and GOOD.

one things for sure, i know that i'm doing exactly what i'm supposed to be doing. i was born to be a mother. i was born to take care of a family. that's my purpose on this earth, i truly believe. yes there are other things that i'm good at and love doing, and i'll never give those up. but i'm happy to embrace being a mother and helping the world to go round, one poopy diaper/kiss/meltdown/laugh/hug at a time. i am happy and content.