Saturday, December 25, 2010

tis the season...

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Game Day...

Last Saturday was the big game against Michigan! it was a really good game, and of course we Won! We had tickets to the game but we decided to sell them and just watch the game from home, which was a good idea because it was COLD!! we did walk down to campus for a little bit, before the game started to check out all the pre-football fun!

i made sure that brody was nice and toasty warm, so i put on his bear costume from halloween. everyone loved him! and he gave lots of college students High Fives! they loved it! this little guy knows how to Represent! :) without a doubt brody is stink'in cute!!!








Sunday, December 5, 2010

living the tradition...

so here at Ohio State, during football season we always play our evil rivals the University of Michigan. we hate them, we despise them, they are scum between our toes, and we even have a song about how we all hate the whole state of Michigan. it's quite intense, and I find it quite humorous.
well besides playing them in football, there is a tradition that the 'thursday' before the big game against Michigan, students come together and jump into 'mirror lake' as a 'good luck tradition' to win the big game. mirror lake happens to be a pretty large pond on campus. it's a tradition that has gone on for like 70+ years. and it continues on year after year. and this year was no different. so when my awesome friend kelli emailed me asking me if i wanted to jump into 'mirror lake' this year, i was all about it!

this years jump actually took place on 'tuesday november 23rd' due to the 'thanksgiving' holiday. nonetheless the tradition has stayed alive! and it was CRAZY!!

we jumped into the lake around 11ish pm. it was COLD. there were literally thousands of students. and it was AWESOME! i jumped in with my friend Kelli, Cosette, Angie and angie's husband scottie jumped in too.

hi! so i figured if i was going to do this...i had to dress the part.

(me, angie, cosette and kelli)

here i am. i think the cape was a nice touch.

we had officially been warned! and i conveniently happen to have an
OHIO GO BUCKS sign in my car. imagine that.


here we are 'pre-jump' ... one can never spell out OHIO enough. ;)


kelli and i out in the pond....brrrrrr!



we did it!!!

we seriously had the best time! and the best part of the night probably had to be all the random people that kept coming up to me to ask if they could take a picture with me. yes that seriously happened. or maybe it was when a group of people asked me if it was my senior year and i was all decked out to jump in the lake. bahahhaha.

LOVED jumping in 'mirror lake' with these ladies! and i loved the spunk and spontaneity we all had to actually do it! we felt it was because of US, we Won the game against Michigan! :) we are just lucky, i guess! and next year tyson says he's gonna do it! let the good times roll!

if you really want to see how crazy it really Here ... we made it online for the columbus newpaper, at about 38 seconds in looked to the left hand corner and it will show us jumping up and down in the water, you can see my's only 2 minutes long, but you totally can see what it was really like!

gotta love Traditions! O-H-I-O!