Saturday, April 28, 2012

{ good times over here } ::

we've been having all sorts of random fun around these parts...

week4 week5
brody and i went out to the richmond airport and checked out the aviation museum. it was little, but totally awesome. we both loved it and had a great time checking out all the airplanes and learning the history of aviation that has taken place in virgina.

last week we hit up the science museum, we played in the sand, we walked the train tracks, we took a trip through space, checked out the reptile room, and played with bones in the human body exhibit.
week2 week3
we had a few friends over for lunch and playdate. we had so much fun! we all made our own individual pizzas that everyone loved making and eating! i love having awesome friends who are up for anything and love doing fun stuff with us! we are so lucky!

we've had family date nights where we go to the movies, and we go out for walks and get frozen yogurt, it's pretty much one of the best things ever!

week11 week10 week8 week7
last saturday was beautiful so we hit up Maymont and went to the farm and ran all was
a perfect day!


it was hot enough last week to go to the fountains to play with friends...we've been lucky to have fun lunch dates with our favorite person ever! please note brody wearing my sunglasses, he refused to take them off. tyson kept calling him a little kardashian. we enjoyed some rain!! and splashed in puddles and we've taken full advantage of our side walk chalk and using our artistic skills.

good times over here that's for sure. we definitely like to keep busy around here and really i wouldnt want it any other way. i like the days we spend being adventurous, going to places we love and checking out new things. my boys are my best things ever! how bout how cute they both are! they are funny, sweet, silly, and so much fun to around. i know i would choose them over and over again to be mine. we all fit so perfectly together! Life might be busy because we choose to be busy, but it is happy, and happy is all I ever really want to be.

Monday, April 23, 2012

{ Rolo Cookies } ::

rolo cookies

these cookies are amazingly yummy!! like dream about them, crave them, think about them every hour of the day kinda good! and with only 4 ingredients, ya kinda can't go wrong!

Oven: 350
1 stick of butter melted
1 egg
1 box of devil's food cake
1 bag of Rolos

Mix the butter, egg and devils food cake together till you get a dry dough. Then shape the dough around the Rolo until you have a little ball. Stick em on an un-greased cookie sheet and put them in the oven for 5-7 minutes depending on your gooey preferences. I think 5 minutes and 30 seconds is perfect!

Then eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and your mid-morning snack and then you will want to make more! Enjoy every bite!

Monday, April 16, 2012

{ oh the things that we do around here } ::


nothing better than nibbling on a cadbury chocolate bunny! and well being cute is what we do around here!


currently obsessed with Trader Joe's Chili Lime Chicken Burgers. yummy my friends, yummy! add some ketchup, mayo, avacado, onion, lettuce and cheese. ohhh baby!
also...i love making my 'i am a child of god' prints! best gift for a baby shower ever! and i love to customize the colors to match the babies room colors. i made this one for a friend of mine here in VA. she loved it. and that makes me happy!!


we go to the petting zoo at the mall, not once - but twice in one week! we checked out lamas, bunnies, lots of goats, baby ducks and a really fat quinea pig. and while we were at it the second time around we also hit up the train that goes around the mall. we are so lucky to have made some AMAZINGLY AWESOME friends here in VA. i feel so lucky!! nothing like having a good time together with friends! it's one of those expanding heart, warm fuzzy feelings inside. just sayin!


we go to the pet store to see the fishes, cats and a big hit this time around the bearded dragons which brody proceed to hug the cage they were in. awesome.
we get boo-boos from deciding to be indiana jones at the park and jumping off the jungle gym by a rope and get a narly rope burn. it was sad. many bandaids were used in the healing of this finger. glad to report the finger is all healed. pretty sure brody told every person he came in contact with that he slide down the rope and hurt his finger. love him.


we eat yummy bbq. this was our second time at buz and neds. the ribs are where its at. it's the only thing i would ever get again there (tyson agrees on that too) and the side dishes are all yummy too. but's all about the ribs!


let's just say that, i get invited to rockin sweet cookie exchanges. what the cookies??? i know right, try not to lick your computer screen. so yummy and so much fun!


we go to baseball games, drink diet coke, take too many pictures and cheer on our AA baseball team the Richmond Flying Squirrels. brody is our sports fanatic and loved and watched every minute of it! apparently this team was really good last year, well, um, they were terrible the other night. sorry squirrels, but really? it looked like they had no idea how to hit a ball and bat together. but no worries, the firework show totally made up for it and brody loved it.


we go down to Cary St. and stop to eat yummy ice cream at Bev's on a really warm night. it's like a jeni's (for my ohio friends out there) jeni's beats out Bev's here in richmond, but was still really tasty.


we go to church and feel the spirit, hear up lifting messages and then enjoy a relaxing beautiful day. kinda wonderful in so many ways.

when it comes down to it...during the day there are so many moments of imperfection, but at the end of the day, everything is perfect. i love my evenings with my little family! they make me so happy. i really am lucky to spend all the time i get to with brody, i wouldnt want it any other way and that really makes me happy. i love it when i feel happy way deep down in the pit of my stomach, that's the real kind of happy. I think I might just burst!

it's monday friends! imaginary high five! hope it's a great week!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

{ Easter Weekend } ::

we had a really great easter weekend! we were lucky to have some of our favorite friends the Humberts come to visit us from ohio and share the easter weekend with us. we were on the go go go the entire time, but it was well worth it!

friday afternoon we headed downtown ate lunch at Bottoms Up Pizza, delish!! and then we did a historical boat cannal tour. the kids loved it, so of course we loved it! after the boat ride the kids played in the grass and then us adults had a good time ourselves doing our action jump shots, probably one of my favorite parts of the day. ha! and thanks to brody being our OHIO photographer.


Saturday we headed to one of our most favorite places...Wasington D.C.
We had a fabulous time! we lucked out with the best spring weather! we made sure to hit up as much as possible in ONE's day time! we did the white house, lincoln memorial, vietnam memorial, washington monument, we hit up the smithsoian natural history museum and the air and space museum. we were able to check out some of what was left of the cherry blossoms, we went to Georgetown for dinner and ate BBQ and Sprinkles Cupcakes. it was a whirlwind day, but we got a lot in and had a really wonderful time!!


This couldn't be more true...



We enjoyed our Easter Sunday by going to church and then coming home to see what the Easter Bunny had left the kiddos, we did an Easter egg hunt which the kids totally enjoyed and then we ate a most fabulous Easter lunch before our friends had to head back to Ohio.


THANK YOU Humberts for the awesome visit! it was an absolute blast!!

we sure enjoyed our Easter Weekend!


Monday, April 9, 2012

{ last week happenings...} ::


one evening we went to the park to try and fly kites without any wind. crazy how we were totally defeated? actually it had been windy all day long, but of course when we get to the park, there wasn't even a light breeze. that didnt stop us from attempting to "try" and get it up. no such luck. :)


brody and i went to lunch with some awesome new friends of ours and quite throughly enjoyed ourselves!


brody and i drove up to IKEA to do a little shopping for a couple of things, he had fun testing out the toddler beds. after IKEA we headed over into D.C. and went to the Simthsonian National Zoo for a couple of hours. it didnt disappoint!


we had a great time at the zoo! we saw cheetahs, zebras, mini fluffy horses, an ostrich, the elepahants, and a huge highlight...the giant panads! they were so cute! we loved them! it was first for both of us to see pandas! we spent a good portion of our time watching the pandas and we were lucky that all the animals we pretty much up and at'um, so that was fun. brody was determined that we wait in line for the mammal house (which consisted of little monkeys, birds, hedge hogs, and other little critters). he was thrilled when i let him have the camera to take pictures all throughout that exhibit. so he of course loved every minute of it!


on the way home from D.C. we were lucky to avoid having to get gas (wowzers!) and brody crashed all the way home! having a crazy good time can tucker you out!


i made easter cupcakes for tyson to take into work. from what i heard, they were mighty tasty!


we had relaxing evenings and brody entertained himself with this box for many hours!


we had friends come over and do a little easter treat activity, which they LOVED! i melted chocolate and gave each kiddo their own bowl of chocolate, and they all dipped peeps into the chocolate then dipped there peeps in sprinkles. so fun and yummy too!!


without a doubt my favorite part of the week was when i heard brody yelling for me..."I DID IT MOMMY, I DID IT!! WOOOOOOOOO!", followed by lots of clapping! i came into the room to see brody tickled with happiness that he put Mr. Potato Head together all by himself. and i let him take this picture. he was so proud! it melted my heart!! what a little stud!

it's weeks like this that make me the most happy. simply doing little things everyday to have fun! nothing over the top. just us doing things we love, and doing them together! i feel so lucky to be able to do the thing we do. onto another week of this and that. can you believe it's already APRIL??