Friday, October 3, 2008

Portland to Columbus...

We are alive! It's amazing, I know! Back by popular demand and due to family and friends telling me that they are tired of reading the last post, over and over - awe such loyal readers. I would have posted long ago, but I was having trouble with my pictures and then I got lazy and then every time I'd get onto blog, I just get caught up reading everyone else's blogs and then by the time I was done looking at everyone else's blogs, I was good and didn't feel like blogging. But no worries - there is so much to share and this is just the first update out of MANY! So prepare yourself - and I will start with this one....

So on August 23rd we finally made our way towards Columbus, Ohio. Our first stop took us to Hermiston Oregon, where we met up with Tyson's sister Amy and her awesome family and we all drove up to, Moscow Idaho where we got to see Tyson's brother Tanner and his Wife Michelle and there new baby Taya. We stayed for the weekend for Taya's baby blessing - it was such a sweet blessing and I am so happy Tyson got to be apart of that with his brother.

The proud parents 

Sweet Taya - she's gorgeous!

After the blessing - Tyson, Tanner and brother in law Eric

My Awesome nieces and nephew - Love Them!!!

We lucked out on a great weekend - not only were we with amazing family - it was also Tyson's Mom's Birthday! My Beautiful Sister in law Amy made the most delish strawberry cake.


After we ate dinner and cake with the fam - we said our goodbyes and it's was off to Rexburg. It was fun to be back in our neck of the woods and it was even greater to be at Tyson's sister Mandy's house - her house is like a second home for us and we love it and her family. As we drove down the long drive way to the house, it was like coming home. I love that feeling. Mandy was still up when we got there and we got to meet our new little nephew Copper. Oh my - he's so cute. He totally makes my heart gush! I wanted to take him and bring him with me to Ohio. After talking for awhile we went to sleep - because we knew what was ahead of us the next day...

Do you see this picture below? Do you know what it is? This would be an empty ABF moving truck. 

And this...this is a packed up AFB truck with all of our belongings. Looks easy doesn't it? 
Well, it would have been. Some of you have heard our moving woes - but the rest have not - so I am going to share with you what it was like moving all of our stuff, from Rexburg to Columbus. So way back in March we came back to Rexburg and packed all of our stuff in our apartment and put it in storage. Well about a week before we were moving - we called our storage unit to tell them that an ABF truck would be parked outside the storage unit for a day and they said that normally that would be just fine, but it wouldn't work for us the next week - because our storage unit decided that they were going to pave the gravel and that there was no place for an ABF truck to go. We were kinda freak'in out a bit, but then we called ABF and asked if we could bring our stuff to the Terminal and pack our truck there, and they said that was just fine.  Well then we had to get a U-Haul to get all of our stuff from the storage unit to the ABF truck. So that's what we did. Monday morning we got up early and drove into Rexburg, got our U-Haul, hopped on over the storage unit - the construction workers were nice enough to let us through to get our stuff - we packed up the truck and headed to Idaho Falls where we had to unpack the U-Haul and put everything into the ABF truck. Nothing like moving your stuff twice in one day. 
Awe yes, this is us in our sweaty glory.  We were happy that we finished in the time that we did - it was like 100 degrees that day.  But my story isn't over - I am going to finish it - instead of jumping around. SO... our stuff was going to be in transit for about 2 weeks - well it almost took us a week to get to Columbus because we stopped in Omaha to stay with Tyson's parents and so by the time we got to Columbus we only had to wait a week for our stuff. Well the plan with ABF was they were going to drop our truck off in front of our house - sweet! NOT. When we finally arrived at our house in Columbus - we realized our street - A ONE-WAY street mind you - was way to narrow for an ABF truck to park. So what did we have to do? Oh yeah that's right, we had to call ABF again and ask them if we could come to the terminal and get our stuff there. So once again we had to get a U-Haul - unpack all of our stuff out of the ABF truck into the U-Haul then we had to unpack the U-Haul and take everything into our house. After all this, I never want to move again. I am however grateful for 3 things: 1. PRAYER, we did a lot of it while moving all of our stuff and it was amazing how it all worked out 2. all of our stuff came to us safe and sound and didn't get damaged and 3. we moved everything all by ourselves every time,we didn't get hurt moving our stuff and we didn't yell at each other once! Good times! 

Okay so back to still being in Idaho...after we returned the U-Haul truck we headed back out to Mandy's - got cleaned up and when all the kids were home from school we all got in the car and went back into Rexburg to get oh so yummy Delicious snow cones - from no other than the snow oasis. mmmm. Then we went to the store bought stuff for dinner - made an excellent mexican meal, played games, made yummy dessert and just had an all around wonderful time. We so did not want to leave. We tried not to stay up too late - because we were getting up early the next morning to head to Omaha.  Here are a few pictures of our good times at Mandy's...
The Copper Bug! Oh my goodness he's so cute!

While we played games - we all took turns holding Copper
Two of my Beautiful nieces Morgan and Madison - whom I miss sooo much!

Group shot with the girls and Houston and Harmon. I LOVE them!

This was our good morning sunrise - on our way to Omaha

There are all the bugs we got on the front of the car that we killed on our way to Omaha - this picture doesn't even do it justice! We took our car for a nice bath and got her all clean for her final leg of the drive to Columbus.

I wish I had pictures of the fun things we did in Omaha - but I didn't take any. But I am sure you are dying to know what we did while we were there. Well let me tell you - Tyson's dad got off work early so we could go to lunch with him and his mom - we ate at Red Lobster which was pretty darn good seeing to the fact that Tyson's mom and I both got chicken. After lunch we went home and picked lots and lots of apples off the apple trees in the back yard. Then we took a trip to the car wash and a trip to Walmart with Tyson's mom. Later that evening we quilted. Yup that's right - we quilted - and it was great! Tyson's dad is Bishop to the singles ward in there stake and there ward was assigned to make so many quilts for a service project, so we got lucky and got to help finish tying the quilts together. It was seriously so much fun. We ate dinner - sat around and talked and had a wonderful time. We also said our goodbyes because we were leaving early in the morning to get to Columbus.  

Well here ya go! We did it! We made it to Columbus, Ohio and here is a picture of the front of our house. We really like it and it's huge compared to our Rexburg apartment. Bonus it's also only a mile from Campus, which is fabulous.  I will post pictures later of what the inside looks likes...but for now keep on reading...

Alrighty...well about um...6 post ago I told you all about my trip out to Columbus to look for housing and I showed you pictures of what the place looks like - well go back and read the post or just take my word for it - but the kitchen was Hideous! It was nasty green - and I knew there was no way I could live in this place with a green kitchen - call me high maintenance - but really it was bad. Well, I feel lucky because our owner let us paint the kitchen! And seeing to the fact that we still had a week before our stuff was to come to us, we figured it would be a perfect time to paint. So here are some pictures of our make over. 

Tyson painting away...
Once again - another lovey picture of us in our sweaty glory
The Green Kitchen Before
The Kitchen After...Beautiful!

Painting was a fun project, but we were really glad that it was done. We got our stuff from ABF and unpacked our stuff just in time for Hurricane IKE to hit us. I am sure most of you heard about the Hurricane down in Galveston Texas that hit back in September - well we got not so lucky and it's jet stream made it's way all the way up to Columbus. We had hurricane force winds and we were without power for a week. Yes, a WEEK! We were just happy that we hadn't gone grocery shopping for all of our stuff yet. Over 80% of Columbus was without power for over a week. Campus had power and so did the 7-11 and a Barnes and Noble. We would go to campus or Barnes and Noble to charge our cell phones along with the rest of the world. One day while I was a Barnes and Noble there was not a free plug any where, finally i moved a book shelf and found a plug. Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.  I wish I had of taken more pictures of all the damage the storm did just to our neighborhood - it was amazingly shocking. Trees were down everywhere - tree's had fallen on cars and into homes. 

This is the one picture I got of our neighbors front yard.

So our first few weeks here were a little crazy. But let me remind you all of why we are even in Columbus Ohio...

Tyson started graduate school at as you can tell... OSU! He is in the Statistics PhD program.
This is him on his first day of school. The 1 he is holding up is not for his 1st day of school, but for his 1st year of grad school. 3 more years to go - okay maybe 4. We can't believe that it's already mid November and we've been here almost 3 months. We really do like it here, but we really miss all of our families. I told Tyson back in October, okay, I am ready to go back to Idaho. But no worries, Columbus is fabulous and we are getting use to living here. I have many more post to show you what we've been up to - so I will get on it and post some more.  We are doing great. Tyson LOVES grad school - and I really mean LOVES grad school. He loves his department and fellow students and teachers. There is nothing better than doing what you love! 

Well that's all for now...but stay tuned for more posts!