Friday, March 1, 2013

{ 8 weeks } ::

 { 8 weeks old }

 that's right...Sydney hit the 8 week mark, yesterday February 28th! it all just goes by so fast! We have seriously had the best two months with this little sweet heart. She definitely has all 3 of us wrapped around her finger and hello it's not hard to see why. We love her sweet and loving personality and she is so much fun! We feel so blessed to have her in our family!

 At two months Sydney...

 * is one great eater.
 * is a great sleeper...she usually goes to sleep at 8 pm and wakes up around 3 am to eat, eats and goes back to sleep till 8:30. girlfriend LOVES to sleep! she cat naps all through the 10 am hour, wakes up to eat at 11 am and then sleeps from noon-to about 3 or 3:30. she eats and then usually cat naps some more through out the evening until bath time. she and brody take there naps at the same time, so it's pretty amazing! 
 * loves soft and furry things, just like her big brother. 
 * loves to COO! she's such a talker - it's the sweetest thing. 
 * loves to splish splash during her baths - she loves the water. 
 * loves to smile ALL the's so contagious. 
 * likes chill'in and napping in her bouncy seat 
 * goes from being super happy to not so happy without any warning sometimes, and its always one of the three things 1. hungry 2. wants her diaper changed 3. has to burp 
 * she hates a wet diaper (don't blame her, i'd hate that too)
 * likes playing on her jungle play mat 
 * likes watching her big brother run all around 
 * is so good to deal with big brother trying to pick her up, touch her, poke her, rub his face on her hair, smother her with kisses every hour of the day, he just loves her so much! 
 * is so good on outings, 99% of the time she just sleeps 
 * pretty much has the most amazing hair ever 
 * is just the sweetest yummiest thing ever!
 * loves loud noises, example: blower dryer, brody, loud music, the vaccum puts her to sleep, running water of the bath tub
 * still loves being blow dried after her bath 
 * LOVES LOVES LOVES to cuddle 

 *We love her so much!

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