Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{ hello!, Pre-School } ::


It's hard to believe it, but our little love is in Pre-School! Today Brody had his very first ever 1st day of Pre-School. And he LOVED it! He was so excited to go, I knew he was going to have the best time! That makes me and my heart so happy. His favorite part of his morning was playing outside. not a surprise, he loves being outside. I held my tears till Brody got out of the car, and only proceeded to cry for about 2 hours. I think I am good now. I am so excited for Brody to continue to learn, grow, have new adventures and be the best he can be! This is really only the beginning, sad and exciting, but overall exciting. It's like a love hate relationship, I hate that my kiddos won't stay my little babies forever, but I love that they get to experience the world all around them. 

 Happy 1st day of Pre-School baby boy! I love you, WE love you oh so much! Go, go, get'um get'um!

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