Wednesday, April 3, 2013

{ 3 months } ::

3 month 

 can you believe it? 3 months old! time has gone by so fast! it's been a great 3 months and really it just keeps getting better! kinda cliche but it's really true! she just gets sweeter and more lovable every day. we feel so lucky that she is all ours. 

 At 3 months Sydney... 

 *still loves to sleep, all the time! we are in a really good routine with morning and afternoon naps and if we let her should would probably sleep 24/7. at night she usually wakes up twice to eat and goes right back to sleep. she always wakes up so Happy! *we love and soak up every minute she is awake. 
*she loves to coos, it just melts the heart. its so fun to just lay by her or have her sitting on our lap and she will just talk and talk.
*she loves to roll, especially if she sees one of her stuff animals, she will roll side to side to grab it. 
*she's discovering her feet 
*loves cuddling and would sleep on her daddy every night if we let her 
*she is super strong, just like her brother, she would prefer sitting up or standing. 
*she loves sucking on her hands.
 *she loves smiling 
*she enjoys looking at herself in the mirror 
*she loves being outside and going for walks (its been so cold, so days where its warm we take full advantage and she just soaks it up) 
*she has all of us wrapped around her finger 
*she's can be kinda sensitive sometimes just out of the blue, its sad/kinda cute at the same time
*we know she loves us, but wow she loves brody, ahhh sweetest thing ever! 
*she receives "cutest baby/best hair award" daily from strangers 

we love, love, lover her and think she is amazing!

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