Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{ 11 months } ::

sydney 11 months

December 3rd Sydney turned 11 months! wow. it is seriously so mind boggling to me the developments that take place in just ONE year. I say it all the time, but it's so true. time FLIES on by. and I can honestly say that we have LOVED every moment thus far. we've definitely been blessed! Sydney loves to give hugs and kisses. she is so full of life and he is so adventurous and super active. she loves music, our silly dance parties and bopping to the music. she loves it when we sing, 'patty cake'. she loves it when we read to her, her favorite book is anything with animals and dr.seuss 'hand, hand finger, thumb'. she loves to clap and wave to people and bringing smiles to peoples faces everywhere we go. November was a fun month and celebrating your first thanksgiving. you definitely have given us some much more to be thankful for! 
oh Sydney...11 months. You went a few weeks of just standing in place holding your balance, then quickly taking a step or two to then getting back down to a crawl, I was sure you were quite content with that, but then bam! a week later you were taking steps all over the place. your zest for life is unstoppable! i love that about you! Oh how we love you and we know you love us just as much. i love that you are 11 months old...and just about to hit that one year mark. what a celebration that will be. 
we love you. 

 life is sweet.

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