Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{ 10 months } ::

sydney 10 months 

 On November 3rd Sydney turned 10 months! October proved to be an exciting month! lots of first and lots of fun! Sydney you've mastered the stairs and can go up them like a champ! you walk along the furniture and can stand in place for a good long time. before we know it you will be walking. you celebrated your first halloween, and you took it by storm, our little wonder women! you loved everything including the candy. that'a girl! 

you've enjoyed lots of outdoor activities, walks, runs, and trips to the pumpkin patch. you continue to shine with your happiness and joy! your personality is in full swing and it's so much fun getting to know you! you make us laugh and smile all day long. you love being apart of whatever brody and your daddy do. 

we all can't get enough of you! you have a zest for life and at 10 months, you are full of spunky personality that we just love! you love any food we give you, you sleep great at nap time and at night. your love for animal is heart melting. you love it when dogs bark at you, you pull out some sort of incredible belly laugh i wish i could bottle up. you love going to the Zoo and seeing the animals, you squeal with delight as we move along to each animal. you are cuddly and lovey. you do a really great job of keeping up with brody and playing with him. he adores you so much. 

the past 10 months have been perfect. we are so lucky to have you and have so much fun with you. you are our ray of sunshine and we love you so much!

9 months

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