Friday, May 3, 2013

{ 4 months } ::

4 months old 

 oh my sweet sweet little Sydney! my goodness, the joy and happiness you bring to us everyday is unreal. you are a dream come true and we love you so much! 

 At 4 months Sydney... 

 you go to sleep around 8 or 9 and usually wake up at 4 to eat super fast and then back to sleep till 8. 
you love nap time and well basically love to sleep! 
starting to give us little giggles that are over the moon adorable. you laugh the best for brody.
 if you had the option you would like to sit up all day, stand up all day or be held all day. but being held is probably #1, which i love! 
you've been up to D.C. quite a few times and even did an over nighter and did awesome! 
you went swimming for the first time (while in D.C.) and you loved it!! 
you still hate your car seat with a deep dark passion.
 we've given you little bits of apple sauce, sweet potatoes and butternut squash and you've loved it! 
 you're a champion eater! 
 you are always so happy!
you've out grown all your 3 months clothing, sob! stopping growing so fast! and you fit nicely in 3-6 month stuff but are quickly moving right into 6 month clothes.
you roll from back to front constantly and it's the cutest thing.
 you are super strong.
 you got blessed in church and did wonderful.
we never even had to do tummy time with you, you LOVE being on your tummy.
 you love to be nakey and roll around on your furry blanket.
 your smile is heart melting - i wonder if you cheeks ever get tired from smiling so much?
 you love to grab for your toys and see how they taste.
 you love to grab your toes and eat your hands.
 you LOVE to try and eat my hair LOVE. silly girl! 
you love your big brother so much and you are so good to let him smoother you with love and on occasion deal with his silly tricks, like trying to jump over you or kiss your eyeballs (i know, right?) 
you let us SMOOTHER you with loads of hugs and kisses and you just take it all in.
 you always wake up so happy, and you are always so happy to see me. makes my day! 
love you going for walks and being outside. you got very mad at me the other day because we came in the house from being outside. it was sad, but we had to come in for dinner. 
 you like to have books read to you.
 you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, but hello? can't blame you there, you are ADORABLE!
you love love love to cuddle and sleeping on your daddy is your most favorite place ever to lay. 
and oh your hair! your crazy, spunky hair, we love it! gravity is starting to take over but we still think you are
super cute with it all wild. 
you are seriously the most yummy baby ever! 
you make us SO happy, it's beyond magical! 

 we love, love, love you so! 

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