Thursday, October 3, 2013

{ 8 months } ::

sydney 8 months 

 On September 3rd, Sydney turned 8 months! this little morsel of everything yummy is the sweetest thing ever

 she's a super speedy crawler. 
 she's standing himself up against everything. 
 She has 2 bottom teeth, so cute! and the top teeth are starting to make there way. 
 she's so curious and adventurous! 
 she loves being outside at all times. 
 she claps her hands when we cheer for her and say, "yay"! 
 she gives kisses. 
she LOVES our huge bear Big.
 she loves all food and is an awesome eater. 
 she loves to snuggle, especially with her papa bear. 
 she's a little jibber jabber talker and it's so cute. 
 she is a little charmer everywhere we go. 
 she loves going to the park and swinging. 
 she loves other kids and babies. 
 she loves reading books.
 she's been hiking and to the zoo. 
 she loves having brody around. 
 she is so fun and silly. 
 she loves it when we crawl around with her and chase her all around, she giggles the whole time. 
 she's got one spunky, fun loving personality and we can't get enough of her. 

 we love you baby girl!

7 months

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