Thursday, October 3, 2013

{ 9 months } ::

sydney 9 months  
Sydney is 9 months old today. 

 i say it all the time but, seriously we can't get enough of Sydney. she fits in our family so perfect and we are so lucky! 

she is growing like no other. and well i think it just needs to stop, but at the same time it's so much fun. little miss, eats great, sleeps great, plays like a champ, is pulling herself up on everything and scoots along (crazy talk!), she climbs the stairs like someone on a mission, she is fast, and girly, super mischievous, beautiful, happy, has the best smile, strong and healthy! 9 months old. i love it! she is so full of life, spunk and personality. 

in the past month she has kisses, waving hello and goodbye, and waking along the furniture. i love the stage that she is in right now. it's bittersweet to see how fast my baby is growing, but i love every new thing she gets to explore and experience. life is great. 

 can you stay 9 months forever? pretty please? 

 we love you peachies!

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Kendall Watkins said...

She is so darling! She looks like she has so much personality!