Monday, June 3, 2013

{ 5 months } ::

5 month 

 Sydney is 5 months! 5! this past month just seemed to fly on by. this little one is seriously the best thing ever! she is always so happy! like sooo happy! and those yummy happy cheeks add to my pure happiness. it takes everything in me not to just kiss and squeeze her all day long. we just love her so much. it's been a pretty happening month for little miss sydney! 

 she is still a champion sleeper and eater. 
 she absolutely loves being outside. 
 she is almost mastering sitting up, and rolls back front, front back and i continue to find her in the craziest places in our family room. i will put her down, run into the kitchen real quick and come back and she's already made it over to the other side of the room. silly girl! 
 she gets arms up and tries to bring her knees up to crawl. girlfriend is trying so hard! 
 she's been to the water park twice and has loved it. water baby! so happy she loves the water as much as brody. 
wants to chew on everything insight...we see teething in our future and sure hope it goes as smoothly as it did for older brother!!
 loves her baths and her whole bedtime routine for that matter. 
 she snuggles and would all. the. time. mmmmmm, love that! 
 she's been strawberry picking. took her to the historical farm, mt. vernon and the zoo for the first time, pretty sure she loved it all! 
she still has crazy hair, that we love. gravity is now really taking over and i think she looks darling with it brushed over.
she loves her  feet! just caught her today trying to eat her toes, which was hilarious due to the fact her little tummy was getting in the way of her mouth and those tiny cute toes!
she got to meet her uncle jeremy and it was love at first sight! she loves him. so sweet! 
she had her first weekend away from me, while i went to ohio to run a half marathon. but no worries, she was in the best care of her daddy! 
 we had our own girls weekend while daddy and brother went on there farther and sons camp out. 
she loves to talk, coo, LAUGH, oh that laugh, so yummy! 
 loves her brother, she still gets so happy every morning when she sees him for the first time. 
 so pretty much she is perfect. 
we love her so much! 

 happy 5 months baby girl!

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Unknown said...

ADORABLE! I just want to squeeze her!